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With grey skies, frigid temperatures, more snow in the forecast and not a 60-degree day in sight – it’s easy to feel blah this time of year. Check out these 5 ideas on how to take control of the winter blues:

Winter Blues - A woman looking forlornly out a window at the rain, snow and sleet. She is holding a yellow mug with tea.

Idea No. 1:

Enjoy winter’s beauty on days when the sun peaks behind the clouds. Take a walk with your best friend, build a snowman, look for animal tracks in the snow or grab your camera to snap up beautiful sunsets, brilliant sun dogs and the full moon on crystal clear nights.

Winter Blues - Young woman playing with her Samoyed puppy in the snow at a park.

Idea No. 2:

Whether you prefer Austen, Poe, Christie or the latest bestseller, now is the perfect time to curl up with a good book and cup of cocoa to help beat the winter blues by being whisked away to another time or sunny locale. Reading has been proven to reduce stress, improve health and helps promote better sleep habits.

Winter Blues - A young woman curled up in a blanket sitting next to a fireplace reading a book.

Idea No. 3:

Consider baking cookies with the kids, whipping up a loaf of your Grandmother’s legendary zucchini bread or creating culinary treats to rival TV cake masters. Since the act of baking stimulates several senses at once it’s a great way to boost your mental health on the dreariest of days. And the finished product is tasty too.

Winter Blues - A multi-generational African American family baking together in the kitchen.

Idea No. 4:

Beat the winter blues by getting a jump on your DIY home renovations and spring cleaning. Wouldn’t you rather be clearing closets, painting baseboards and waxing hardwood floors when the temperature is below freezing? And enjoying a leisurely afternoon on your deck when the thermometer cracks the seventy degree mark?

Winter Blues - A happy young couple choosing color to pain the walls of their home.

Idea No. 5: 

Say good bye to the winter blues and hello to healthy benefits by planning a vacation! Whether the Black Hills of South Dakota, Hanalei Bay or the Eiffel Tower beckons you, it’s never too early to start prepping for your next getaway.

Winter Blues - A happy mature couple planning their vacation with a map and a laptop on the table.

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