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Did you know Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970? Since then, we’ve done a lot to help clean up our planet by reusing, reducing and recycling. But unfortunately, not nearly not enough. Check out 5 simple ways you can go green to help out; possibly even saving you some green:

Go Green- A camp counselor with five multi-ethnic children at summer camp, sitting on a playground, working together to make a large chalk drawing of planet earth.

#1: Plant a Tree

Whether you prefer evergreens, maples or even a sturdy oak you’ll be helping Mother Nature. Each time you add a tree to your property you’re helping create oxygen, removing toxins from the air and providing a bit of relief from noise pollution. Plus, it will more than likely increase the value of your home.

Go Green- Little boy holds a tiny seedling plant in his hands.

#2: Harvest Rain Water

Purchase a rain barrel to catch run-off from your downspout. Recycled rain water can be used to water your lawn and garden – perfect for saving money during the summer months and helping to keep your lawn immaculate when watering restrictions take effect.

Go Green- Rain barrel in a garden.

#3: Go Green by Multi-tasking

Slash your Carbon Footprint and save gas money by consolidating errands. Instead of making several trips throughout the week to pick up groceries, dry cleaning, supplies for the kids art projects, etc. plan an effective route to accomplish everything in one outing – possibly saving you time and money too.

Even better – If businesses are nearby and weather permits, walk. Along with helping the planet, you’ll get in your steps en route to your favorite coffee shop, restaurant or even to grab cash.

Go Green - A young couple unloading their car trunk after a morning of running errands at various stores.

#4: Green Grocer

Did you know on average 40% of grocery purchases end up down the drain and in landfills? That’s over $1,500 for a family of four! Shop smarter by considering whether food can be frozen, split into several meals how to reuse leftovers and most importantly, will your family eat it.

While shopping, use reusable bags to help save trees and cut down on plastic in landfills. Some stores may even give you a nickel or dime discount for every bag you use – and they do add up over time.

Go Green- African American mom and young teen daughter arriving home from the grocery store.

#5: Recycle Unused Items

Go green by donating, selling or even repurposing items before tossing them into the garbage or recycling bin. Old towels can be used to make tug toys for your dog, children’s tees into a quilt filled with memories and so much more.

Got old tees, towels and toilet paper rolls? Consider donating them at one of our Branch Offices to help benefit homeless animals. Once a month, our Team gets together at lunchtime to make toys for animals at local animal shelters from recycled items.

Have lots of unused electronics and paper that needs to be recycled and shredded? No worries, keep an eye out for details regarding our annual Drive, Drop & Donate Event to raise funds for local students in need.

Go Green- DuPage Credit Union Team recycling documents and electronics during its annual Drive, Drop and Donate event.

While making donations to your favorite go green charity earn 5X Choice Rewards Points for every dollar donated with a DuPage Credit Union Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card. Choice Rewards Points can be redeemed for gift cards, cash back, travel rewards and so much more!

Do you know of other simple ways to go green? If so, please share below:


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