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Little kid playing lacrosse with his stick in the autumn park

Did the Nation’s Olympic spirit inspire your kids to put down their tablets and try out a new sport? Or perhaps, they’re growing like weeds and out of their ski boots? Below are a few helpful tips that can help you save money buying sports equipment for your little MVPs:

Rent: Many leagues, park districts and indoor venues, such as Players Indoor Sports Center, offer rental equipment. This is a great way to save money on sports that require helmets, such as hockey and lacrosse; where a good helmet alone, can cost over a $100.

Resale Stores: Check out stores like Play It Again Sports – where you can buy new or gently-used name brand equipment. And you can save even more by trading up or selling your existing equipment – up to a 30% discount.

Online Shopping: Find awesome deals on new & used equipment by checking out sites like Amazon, eBay or Swap Me Sports. Along with finding great prices on traditional sports gear, such as bats, balls and gloves, you’ll also be able to shop for harder to find items like fencing foils and archery sets.

Borrow: Has your child outgrown their junior golf clubs, snowboard or hockey stick… again? Reach out to friends, neighbors and league parents who may be willing to let you borrow their older children’s equipment for the upcoming season.

Hispanic little girl is taking a golf lesson on green course at country club. Senior adult Caucasian man with gray hair is pro golf istructor. He is teaching student how to swing putter properly.

No Frills: If your child is young or new to a sport, skip extras like batting gloves, equipment bags, golf towels, and expensive water bottles until you’re sure it’s the right event for them. It’s an added expense that may end up collecting more dust than dirt.

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Have other tips on how to save money buying sports equipment for your kids? Share them below!

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