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Have you been thinking about adding a dog or cat to your household? If so, check out these 4 tail-wagging reasons why you should adopt a pet before rushing to the pet store:

Adopt a Pet - Pretty blonde woman giving her husky a pet.

#1 It Costs Less to Adopt a Pet

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars when you choose to adopt a pet instead of buying one. On average, an American Kennel Club (AKC) registered Labrador retriever puppy is going to set you back between $800 to $1200 dollars – not including shots, micro-chipping and spaying or neutering. Purebred kittens can be just as expensive.

Most pet adoptions cost far less and include the aforementioned costs. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 to $250 before walking out the door with your new best friend.

Adopt a Pet - Yellow Labrador Retriever- mix puppy with teal collar looking out of a kennel.

#2 Housebroken…Need We Say More

Many shelter pets and rescues are already housebroken or litter box trained – saving you time, energy and money. Plus, many have been trained to walk on a leash and to be sociable with kids and other animals.

Most are already good pets who were given up because of a death in the family, aging adults or a loss of income.

Adopt a Pet - A British short hair cat and a Golden Retriever snuggling next to each other on a sofa.

#3 Pets Are Good For Your Health

When you adopt a pet you gain a workout partner and friend for life. Statistics show that people who own pets are healthier, happier and less stressed than non-pet owners. Plus pet owners who adopt take pride knowing they helped an animal in need.

Adopt a Pet - Man resting next to a pond on a hike with his Beagle.

#4 Save a Life

When you adopt a pet, you save more than just one life. Adoption fees help board other homeless pets and place rescues in foster homes.

Adopt a pet - a group of multi-ethnic children are petting a cat at an animal shelter.

Help Us Bring Toys to Shelter Pets

One day each month DuPage Credit Union Team Members donate their time to make toys for pets looking for forever homes at Anderson Animal Shelter and the Naperville Humane Society. If you have gently used pet toys, towels, tennis balls or even paper towel rolls please consider making a donation at one of our three Branch Offices. Donated goods are used to create engaging toys for hours of tail-wagging fun.


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