Online & Mobile Banking Security

Online & Mobile Banking Security

It is an essential component of our commitment to Members that we use emergent and proven technologies to help you protect your information and ensure your transactions are secured. Have peace of mind knowing your account information is safeguarded with industry leading protection.

Online Banking Security

Once you login to Online Banking, you will enter into a secure site equipped to protect your confidential information.

Security Features

For peace of mind knowing that all of your Online Banking transactions and communications between you and DuPage Credit Union are secure – the privacy of communications between you (your browser) and our servers is ensured via encryption. Encryption scrambles messages exchanged between your browser and our Online Banking server.

How Encryption Works

  • When logging into Online Banking, your browser establishes a secure session with our server.
  • The secure session is established using a protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption. This protocol requires the exchange of what are called public and private keys.
  • Keys are random numbers chosen for that session and are only known between your browser and our server. Once keys are exchanged, your browser will use the numbers to scramble (encrypt) the messages sent between your browser and our server.
  • Both sides require the keys because they need to descramble (decrypt) messages received. The SSL protocol assures privacy, but also ensures no other website can “impersonate” your financial institution’s website, nor alter information sent.
  • To learn whether your browser is in secure mode, look for the secured lock symbol in the address bar of your browser window.

Encryption Level

The numbers used as encryption keys are similar to combination locks. The strength of encryption is based on the number of possible combinations a lock can have. The more possible combinations, the less likely someone could guess the combination to decrypt the message.

Mobile Banking Security

DuPage Credit Union’s Mobile Banking App is secure and has been designed to offer the same level of security currently available through Online Banking. Some specific security features include:

  • 128-bit encryption – this means that neither the wireless carrier nor anyone else is able to infringe on your wireless signal or be able to decipher any information sent to the phone.
  • Secure login information is not stored on the device – if you lose your phone, you do not have to worry about deactivating your phone since the login is not stored on your mobile phone.
  • Automatic inactivity logout – if the mobile application is inactive for five minutes, it will automatically time out and require you to log back in.
  • Same account lockout procedures as Online Banking – after five incorrect login attempts, you will have to reset your password. You will need to establish a User ID and password on your computer first, then you will be able to login via your mobile device.