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You guys are great!
Thank you for a great experience from start to finish.

- Bill M
Auto Loans

I have had 1 auto loan (and also have my home loan) with DuPage CU. I am extremely happy with both. They were both the lowest rate I could find and I was happy to tell the dealership I found better financing elsewhere.....those guys drive me nuts & I don't trust any of them. I google searched auto loans near me and called approximately 8 banks. The credit union rate was significantly lower than every local/small bank or large corporate bank I could find. I thought it was too good to be true so I asked them how they can beat all of the bank's rates. They said it is because they are member owned and do not serve a panel of investors who demand specific profit margins. I don't know much about banking, but it made sense to me so I paid the $5 bucks to become a member & opened a checking acct with them. I received a payment book to use to pay the bill monthly, but if you require a paper statement to remind you to pay I'm not sure if they offer that via snail mail or email. Also, my home loan interest rate is lower than anyone I have ever met, around 2.675 % or so on a 15 year. I have called them multiple times with questions and always get through and get my answers right away. I tell a lot of people about them. Why let the banks continue to rob us at least save on interest....I'd say 7 out of 8 people were able to save money by using them. Overall they are a great company and I would highly recommend them.......oh, 1 more thing, our escrow went up so our monthly payment increased. My wife forgot that it went up and sent the usual amount which was lower than the amount due. They called me and told me about the shortage and just transferred the shortage from the checking acct so I didn't have to cut another check or do anything more, no charge, no fee. That was great.

- Joe F
Auto Loans

Kudos to Phillip G and the staff at the Downers Grove Branch of DuPage Credit Union. We have been banking with DuPage CU since the early A80's and have always been satisfied with the services. We recently completed two auto loans with a very competitive rate and the entire process was fast and painless. We especially appreciated the use of e-documents during the process.

- Chuck D
Auto Loans

I have had several vehicle loans at DCU and everything for the most part was satisfactory. However, it only takes one bad experience and it changes your whole outlook on an organization. Last year when I purchased a vehicle, I financed it through DCU. I signed all the paperwork and as you know it takes about 30 days for the loan to get set up and the first payment is due. I never got any reminder notices in the mail or by e-mail and I forgot to make the first payment on time. In fact, when I realized my mistake, I paid for two months at the same time. But to my shock the DCU sent a late payment notice into the credit reporting agencies. They never called me or warned me that they would be doing this. My credit rating dropped 40 points because of this. I called into DCU and even wrote a letter to a Board member but to no avail. DCU told me they could not do anything about it. And that is a bunch of BS because I have had billing and payment misunderstandings before with other companies and they we able to pull the late payment or missed payment from the credit reporting agency. DCU just didn't want to do it. So yes beware because unless something is changed, DCU will report you right away to the credit reporting agencies and won't work with you to take care of a billing or payment misunderstanding. And that my friends is the way you make a good customer a disgruntled customer!!!!!!!!!!!

- Mark
Auto Loans

I got my first car loan through Dupage and it was a great experience! The loan calculator was a great tool in helping me decide how much I was going to take the loan out for, as well as determining my monthly payments. I was able to conveniently pay every month right through my account, and was able to easily see my total balance that was left. Dupage also has the opportunity to skip a payment twice a year--once in November or December and again in June or July. This was great, especially around the holidays when we all need a little extra money. Once my loan was paid off, Dupage quickly sent me my car title. I have no complaints!

- Autumn
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