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Drive a better car and make lower monthly payments.

Want to drive a better car and make lower monthly payments but don't like the idea of limiting lease contracts? The Lease Alternative Loan combines the best benefits of leasing and owning a vehicle!

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With a Lease Alternative Loan, you own it.

Unlike leasing, with a Lease Alternative Loan, the vehicle is titled in your name. That means you have all the perks of ownership without the hidden costs associated with leasing.

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You're in control

Trade-in, pay-off, refinance, or sell the vehicle privately at any time.


Low monthly payments

Make lower monthly payments compared to conventional financing.

No hidden fees

No up-front costs

No up-front costs or early termination fees.

10 year mileage

Drive the latest and greatest

Available on new and used vehicles up to 5 years old.

Lease Alternative Loan Rates

We offer loan terms from 24-60 months on cars, trucks, and SUVs. $20,000 minimum loan amount.

Vehicle Model Year

Up to 24 months 7.25% APR
Up to 36 months 7.25% APR
Up to 48 months 7.49% APR
Up to 60 months 7.59% APR
Up to 24 months 8.29% APR
Up to 36 months 8.29% APR
Up to 48 months 8.49% APR
Up to 60 months 8.59% APR
Up to 24 months 9.39% APR
Up to 36 months 9.39% APR
Up to 48 months 9.59% APR
Up to 60 months 9.69% APR
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What are payments like?

Unlike a conventional loan where your loan payments remain the same throughout, with a Lease Alternative Loan, you'll make smaller monthly payments in exchange for one larger payment at the end of your term. This final payment is based on the residual value of the vehicle which is agreed upon up front.

What ownership options do I have?

At any time: Pay off and keep the vehicle, trade it in to the dealership, sell it privately, or refinance and keep the vehicle.

At the end of your loan:
All of the above options or you may surrender the vehicle and turn it in, in lieu of paying the final residual value payment.1skip to disclosure

What are the advantages over leasing?

You own the vehicle
You can negotiate the vehicle purchase price like a cash purchase with the dealer
No up-front costs or early termination fees
You pick your mileage option of 12,000, 15,000 or 18,000 based on your needs.1skip to disclosure
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Lease Alternative Loan Program Details

Terms24-60 months
Eligible VehiclesCars, trucks, and SUVs up to 5 years old
Minimum Loan Amount$20,000
Annual Mileage AllowanceAnnual mileage options of 12,000, 15,000, and 18,000 available. Excess mileage is $.10 per mile and only applies if you turn in the vehicle at loan maturity.
Maximum Vehicle Mileage For instance, if you'd like to take out a Lease Alternative Loan on a 2020 model year vehicle (1 year used), the odometer cannot read more than 45,000 miles at loan signing.Maximum vehicle mileage allowed by model year at loan origination:
Future and current year: 30,000; 1 year used: 45,000; 2 years used: 60,000; 3 years used: 75,000; 4 years used: 90,000; 5 years used: 105,000
Vehicle Disposition Fee This fee goes towards fixing and cleaning the vehicle to prepare it for the next buyer. You only pay this fee if you choose to turn in your vehicle at the end of the loan.$195
Security DepositNone
Aquisition FeeNone
Early Payoff PenaltyNone

Drive a better car for less with the Lease Alternative Loan.

  • APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Available on vehicles model years up to 5 years old. $20,000 minimum loan amount. Rates may vary based on creditworthiness, term, and collateral, and are subject to change without notice. All loans, terms and conditions are subject to credit union qualifications and approval. Payment Example: $20,000 financed at 7.25% APR, payments 1-23 mo are $526.60, with a balloon payment of $10,000 at loan maturity. Guaranteed future value determined at the time of origination. $195 disposition fee if turning in vehicle at maturity. Mileage options available: 12,000, 15,000, or 18,000 per year. Excess mileage or damage fees may apply. Some restrictions may apply. Does not apply to loans currently financed through DuPage Credit Union. Must have a Credit Union membership established and be in good standing. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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