3 Reasons You Should Recycle Electronics

Do you have a collection of unused computers, cellphones and keyboards collecting dust in the basement? If so, before tossing out-of-date items to the curb, check out these 3 reasons why you should recycle electronics:

Recycle Electronics - A pile of computers and appliances in a landfill.

Recycle Electronics Tip No. 1: Help Save the Planet

Recycling electronics is good for the planet. Batteries, cathode tubes and chemicals, such as lead and mercury, are hazardous to the environment– especially when toxins seep into the water table.

Recycle Eletronics Tip No. 2 – It’s the Law

The state of Illinois mandated in 2011 that e-waste must be disposed of properly when state officials passed the Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act. If caught tossing items such as video game consoles, DVD players and dozens of others into the trash – you’ll pay a fine. Up to $500 for businesses and $25 per offense for residents.

Recycle Electronics Tip No. 3: Secure Your Data

Out-of-date electronics tossed into the garbage leaves you vulnerable to identity and information theft. Even if you’ve wiped hard drives and mobile devices clean – there’s a chance they’re probably not. Protect your personal information by dropping off electronics to a certified recycling company or an organization that uses one. This will ensure your data is safely destroyed.

While securely disposing of electronics, take time to also routinely shred financial statements, carbon copies and checks to keep your information safe.

Recycle Electronics - Shredded paper.

Drive, Drop & Donate Shred & Electronic Recycling Event

Need to dispose of electronics and documents? We’re here to help!

Get rid of  clutter and help local students in need by dropping off electronics and sensitive documents to be shredded during DuPage Credit Union’s annual Drive, Drop & Donate event. This event supports our We’ve Got Your Back backpack fundraiser. 100-percent of the monies raised will be used to purchase school supplies for local students in need. A $10 donation per service is requested. Check out items that will be accepted for electronic recycling and shredding at dupagecu.com/DDD.

What items do you need to shred and recycle?


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