5 Reasons for Selling a House Now

Tami McQueen

Tami McQueen

Are you considering selling a house but not quite sure if the timing is right? Check out these 5 reasons on why now is the perfect time for selling a house:

Selling a House - A nice, newer home in a middle class neighborhood in the winter.

Reason #1- Mortgage Rates are Still Low

Rates are still near historic low records motivating buyers to search for a home before rates rise, which they are predicted to do later this year. So why wait? You may walk away with a better deal selling a house now as buyers scramble to close before rates climb and competition in the housing market heats up in the spring and summer. Plus, if you’re in the market yourself to buy, you’ll get more home for your money by locking in today’s low rates.

Selling a House - Millennial couple carrying boxes into a new home.

Reason #2 – Rising Home Values

Make a nice profit by selling a house now while home values are on the rise. Values are forecast to rise over three-percent this year, which could equal an additional $9,000 on the sale of a $300,000 home.

Reason #3: Inventory Shortage

Simply put, there is a shortage of homes on the market – especially homes that appeal to young families. Which means you can ask for more when selling a house.

Selling a House - Millennial family with two kids looking at a home with wood floors and vaulted ceiling with a real estate agent.

Reason #4: Selling a House for a Change in Lifestyle

On average, homeowners in the U.S. move every five to seven years. Whether it’s a career move, baby on the way, empty nest or just greener grass on the other side – no time is like the present for selling your home. So you can live the life you want now!

Selling a House - Mature couple on the beach gazing at each other after a bike ride.

Reason #5: Millennials on the Move

As the economy rebounds and they move into their thirties and start families, many Millennials are ready to enter the first-time home buyers’ market. With more home buyers entering the market, now is the time to seriously consider selling a house.

Selling a House - Millennial family on moving day with an infant.

Ready to take the next step? Contact DuPage Credit Union for a free home loan consultation. Our Team of non-commissioned Home Loan Experts are here to make your home buying experience seamless – from helping you buy and sell a home with one of our preferred real estate agents, offering flexible financing terms to even guaranteeing your closing date.

If you have sold a house recently please share tips that might help others considering a move. We’d love to hear them:

Tami McQueen

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