6 Tips on How to Buy a Used Car and Get the Best Deal

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Whether you’re buying a certified previously-owned vehicle, a classic ride or something that’s been around the block a few times, check out these 6 tips on how to buy a used car to help get the best deal:

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#1 Set a Budget

Determine how much you can afford for a down payment, monthly loan payments, insurance and the cost to upkeep your vehicle. Calculate the true cost of ownership before looking for your next vehicle.

Buy a Used Car - Parents looking at a used car to purchase for the 16-year old daughter.

#2 Before You Buy a Used Car Read Up On It

Make an educated decision by checking out the pros and cons of various makes and models before shopping. Some vehicles get great gas mileage, while others are known for their safety features or reliability over time.

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#3 Get Pre-Approved

Before shopping get pre-approved with a low DuPage Credit Union auto financing rate. Our Team of friendly and knowledgeable loan officers is here to assist you and help you save money – it’s just a few of the reasons why over 150 Members have given them 5-Star reviews. Don’t take our word, check them out for yourself.

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#4 Check the Car’s History Before You Buy a Used Car

Download a detailed report before buying it. It’s important to know if you’re buying a pristine gem, a lemon or a vehicle that has been in a few fender-benders.

Buy a Used Car - Auto accident involving two cars in a fender bender on a city street.

#5 Get the Best Price

Do your homework before negotiating. Check out the car’s value online at sites like Kelly Blue Book® or Edmunds® to ensure the price is right.

Our DuPage Car Buying Service, powered by TrueCar® is an excellent resource for guaranteed Member pricing on new and used vehicles. It’s easy to search by make, model and even driving distance from your home or office.

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#6 Take It Out for a Spin

Whether you’re buying a classic or a newer model – take it out for a test drive. Check to see how it handles, accelerates, stops and feels before signing a contract.

Buy a Used Car - Senior couple taking a classic convertible out for a spin before purchasing.

Bonus Tip on How to Buy a Used Car

Take advantage of DuPage Credit Union’s low rates and 30-Day Rate Lock when you get pre-approved today! It’s easy to apply for a vehicle loan and takes just a few minutes.


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