8 hot home improvement trends in 2019

Interior white kitchen

Bored with the same four walls? The sofa you have doesn’t quite fit your family’s needs anymore? Or, maybe you need to make room for an in-law? You’re not alone! Check out 8 of the hottest  home improvements trends in 2019:

#1: Play with color

If you’ve got a case of cabin fever, adding a splash of color to your home can make the same old space seem like a new adventure. Jeweled hues like sapphire, emerald, ruby, turquoise, gold and amethyst as an accent wall or as throw pillows, a lighted vanity, sofa, or even accent walls, will immediately bring your home to life. If jewel tones aren’t your thing, check out Sherwin-Williams color of the year, Cavern Clay. The down-to-earth terracotta color is a great way to bring a little warmth and relaxation into your home.Home Improvement - Deep purple room with pendant lights and wood floor.

#2: Add decorative pieces

The details are what make a simple room, magnificent. Replacing ceiling fans and lamps with pendant lights and brass light fixtures or candlesticks can add a new dimension and texture to any room. You can purchase them new or, even better, rummage through your basement or storage—you never know what you might find. Garage sales and estate sales are another great way to find some hidden treasures for your home. Plus, unlike other metals, brass is easy to clean and restore.

#3: Make a bold first impression

Nothing says hello and delivers curb appeal like a bright and welcoming front door. Customize your home with a door that pops color in a neighborhood filled with ivory, taupe, and grey—select a shade of blue, green, or red that brings out your personality.

Home Improvement - Bright Aegean Blue Door on yellow house with wood stairs and porch

#4: Create a comfortable space

Comfortable living is in! Whether you’ve got a small space to work with or large open floor plans, soft and overstuffed sofas, chairs and ottomans are the perfect addition to help fill the space without clutter. You can find affordable plush accent pillows, faux fur blankets, and soft sheets with bold colors at stores like Target, T.J. Maxx, and Home Goods to make your home pop without the expense.

Home Renovation - Cozy living room with oversize sofa and ottoman in front of the fireplace.

#5: Paint your kitchens bold

Royal blue cabinets, quartz counter tops, and colorful kitchen appliances are making a comeback, or did it ever really leave? Simplify darker cabinets with bright, clean counters, hardwood tiles, and playful backsplashes. Add even more touches of color with jewel-toned table linens, seat cushions, and appliances to really make your kitchen pop. Your kitchen isn’t just a place to cook… It’s a place to socialize.

Home Improvement - White Kitchen with butcher block counter tops

#6: Choose black stainless steel

Go to the dark side and outfit your kitchen in sleek, modern appliances that have all of the bells and whistles to make meal prep-time more convenient. Whether your kitchen is contemporary or country chic, this hot appliance trend works well with most finishes, color schemes, and design styles. Plus, it hides smudges and fingerprints—requiring less cleaning time.

#7: Build an addition

Make room for the family by renovating your basement, adding an addition or even building a tiny house to your backyard to accommodate multiple generations under one roof. In 2016 alone, over 60 million Americans lived in multiple generational households. With an aging and more diverse population this statistic will likely increase and could add value to your home in the years to come.

Home Renovation - Basement beautifully updated into a studio apartment for a multi-generational family.

#8: Magnify your space

If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, adding pocket doors, hideaway tables, and Murphy beds are great way to give the illusion of more space. Plus, they’re a practical option for individuals who may need assistance, such as a walker, to move from one room to another.

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