Take control of your debit card with the new DuPage Card Controls app

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DuPage Credit Union

Picture this: You’re getting ready to pay at the grocery store and you reach for your debit card.

It’s not there.

You rummage through your wallet but you can’t find it. For now, you hand the cashier your credit card. But where is your debit card? Did you drop it? Did you have it when you came into the store?

Then you breathe a sigh of relief. You have the DuPage Card Controls app.

You know your card hasn’t been used recently because you used the app to set up text alerts when a purchase is made. Nevertheless, since it’s lost, you simply open the app and turn the card off, preventing it from being used. It’s that simple.

Control when, where, and how your debit card is used.

Say you have kids and want to give them some spending money to be used for food and gas every now and again. Using the DuPage Card Controls app, you can control exactly where and how their debit card is used—including the region (zip code); merchant type (gas station, restaurant, entertainment, etc.); and even transaction type (in-store, ATM, online).

You can also set spend limits—per transaction or per month—to help you or your kids stay within a budget.

Card Controls app notification setting screen

See transaction details.

DuPage Card Controls makes it easy to manage your finances by allowing you to search for, filter, and even dispute transactions.

Set travel notifications.

Going out of town? DuPage Card Controls makes it easy for you to let us know when and where your traveling to ensure your transactions won’t be seen as suspicious and denied.

Coming later in 2021: DuPage Card Controls for your credit card!

We are working hard to make available the same powerful features for your credit cards in the DuPage Card Controls app. Stay tuned.

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