Track Your Credit Score for Free in Digital Banking

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If you’ve logged into your Digital Banking account recently, you may have noticed a new tool on the right hand side of the Dashboard called Credit Score. Simply log in and click “Show my Score”, agree to the terms, and you’ll instantly gain access to:

  • Free credit monitoring
  • The factors that make up your score
  • Tips to help improve your credit
  • Special offers from the Credit Union

And because Credit Score uses a soft inquiry, checking your credit does not affect your score.

Please Note: Credit Score uses VantageScore® from TransUnion to determine your credit score. The score you see in Credit Score may be different than the FICO model that DuPage Credit Union uses for loan decisions.

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Using Credit Score

The tool is divided into four main tabs to help you improve your score:

  • Score Analysis: See the six main factors that make up your credit score. Click these factors to receive recommendations to improve your score.
  • Credit Report: See a detailed look at all of your open lines of credit and what your balance and credit utilization is on each. There is also an option here to download your credit report to keep for your records.
  • Score Simulator: See how your score would change after any potential changes to your finances. You can see a projected score based on any number of hypothetical changes including opening up or closing lines of credit, or changing how much of your credit is paid off.
  • Credit Goals: Use this section to set a credit score goal and get personalized recommendations on how to reach it.

Your credit score can be refreshed up to every 24 hours within the Credit Score tool by clicking “Refresh Score” in the upper left.

Loans & Offers

DuPage Credit Union members may receive special offers, including opportunities to refinance your auto loan, save money with a credit card balance transfer, and more.


Think of the Alerts tab as your notifications list. You’ll find messages about changes or updates to your credit score and your credit report.


View history of previous credit alerts by clicking on the “Monitoring History” button. The “Profile Settings” section allows you to customize which email notifications you receive. Also in the resources tab is the “Your Money” section, where you can find articles about a variety of finance topics to help you improve your overall financial health.

Why is it important to keep track of my credit score?

Your credit score is one of the main tools used by financial institutions, mortgage lenders, and insurance companies. By improving your credit score, you improve the likelihood that you’ll receive the best terms and rates.

Credit scores are also sometimes checked by employers during the hiring process and landlords for rental properties. In addition, with a good credit score you can take advantage of the best cash back and rewards credit cards.

By monitoring your credit score, you’ll be in a better position to improve it.

The TransUnion VantageScore® provided under this service is for educational purposes and may not be the score used by DuPage Credit Union to make credit decisions. DuPage Credit Union looks at many factors to determine our ability to extend credit to you. The credit score shown does not guarantee a specific loan rate or loan approval.You must be an active Digital Banking user and a member in good standing to view the TransUnion VantageScore®.

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