5 Tips to Save Money on Halloween Spending

Tami McQueen

Tami McQueen

Soon little ghosts and goblins will troll the streets looking for treats, as Jack O’ Lanterns light up ink-like skies and chilling music echoes through the brisk October air – its Halloween time! And although All Hallows Eve is a more affordable holiday, then say Christmas, the cost of treats, costumes and decorations can add up quickly – on average over $86 per person. Check out these 5 tips to help save money on Halloween spending:

Halloween Spending - Cute little witch doing scary face.

Halloween Spending Tip #1:

Make your own costumes using items found around your home, office supply, fabric and discount stores. You’ll likely save money and have fun at the same time. Or use your imagination to save even more when you create one-of-a-kind Halloween looks by pairing existing costume pieces with items in your closet. For example, adults and teens might have fun roaming the neighborhood as a galactic dark knight on vacation (mask, light-up sword, Hawaiian shirt and board shorts) or a Zombie Princess (bridesmaid dress and lots of makeup). Need a few odds and ends to complete the look? Shop thrift shops, garage sales or borrow from friends and family.

Halloween Spending Tip #2:

Save money by skipping the more expensive chocolate candy bars and buy bulk bags of sugary goodness at warehouse stores instead – and limit to one piece per child.

Halloween Spending - Little girl and her dog in costumes on bed celebrating Halloween

Halloween Spending Tip #3:

Spend less on Halloween by purchasing seasonal streamers, plastic ware, paper plates and even holiday decorations, greeting cards and candy at your local dollar store. And while shopping start stocking up on Thanksgiving and Christmas items.

Halloween Spending Tip #4:

Get more bang for your buck by whipping up tasty treats at home. Add holiday magic by fashioning pumpkins out of peeled tangerines and chopped celery stalks; bake a graveyard cake or create ghost pops from bananas.

Halloween Spending - Tangerine pumpkins.

Halloween Spending Tip #5:

Throwing a Halloween Party? Consider having it the weekend after the holiday to take advantage of clearance sales. Spend even less by sending free online invitations and asking your guests to bring a spooky dish to pass.

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Halloween Spending - Several Jack O'Lanterns lit up for Halloween.

Have a safe and fun Halloween! Have other tips on how to save money on Halloween spending? We’d love to see them, please share below:


Tami McQueen

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