4 Moving Tips to Help You Save Money

Tami McQueen

Tami McQueen

Whether you’re planning a move across town or the country, moving expenses can add up quickly. Check out these 4 moving tips to help you save money:

Moving Tips - Family of four moving boxes out of a moving truck into their new home.

Moving Tip #1 – Budget Expenses

Create a budget before beginning to pack your belongings to help keep expenses under control. Use an online tool such as Trends Personal Finance Manager to track everything from the cost of purchasing bubble wrap to renting a moving van and everything in between.

Don’t forget to save all of your receipts. You may be able to use your moving expenses as a tax deduction – if your move was for a new job or you are in the military.

Moving Tip #2 – Shop Around

It pays to get several quotes before hiring a moving company, including container movers like PODS®, or renting a truck. Consider what services, insurances and other fees, such as excessive stairs, you’ll need to budget for before sitting down with a representative – it all adds up.

Another option, especially if the move is nearby, is to relocate your belongings over the course of a few days with a little help from your friends. It’s amazing what a few pick-up trucks and SUVs can hold.

Moving Tips - Young couple moving a sofa and chair off of a moving van and onto their driveway.

Moving Tip #3 – Purge

Moving is a great excuse to purge. Get rid of items you do not plan on using in your new home, clothing that is not suited for your new locale and stuff that’s been sitting in storage for years. It’s easy, hold a garage sale, sell gently used clothing to resale shops, donate items to charitable organizations and pitch the rest to the curb. You may be surprised at how much you’ll save in packing supplies and moving weight costs – not to mention time spent packing.

Moving Tip #4 – Pack Your Own Stuff

Unless your move is happening lightning fast take the time to pack your own stuff – saving you lots of money. Simply set aside time each night and weekend to pack up each closet, cabinet and room. And make sure to clearly mark what room each box belongs in and if items are breakable.

You can save even more on supplies by asking local grocers, liquor stores and retailers if you can have their discarded boxes. Save money on bubble wrap by using newspapers and linens to wrap breakable objects – just be mindful that newspaper ink smudges. Luggage, gym bags, garbage bags and reusable shopping bags are also great for carting clothes, shoes and food items to your new home.

Moving Tips - Happy, young couple packing boxes for a move while their beagle looks on

Bonus Moving Tips

Check out these additional tips to help make your moving day less stressful.

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Do you have any moving tips to help save money? If so, please share below:

Tami McQueen

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