Solutions for Decorating Small Spaces

Lauren Marshall

Lauren Marshall

narrow living room

Decorating small and narrow spaces can frustrate even the savviest decorators. When you have a narrow room with a focal point you need to maximize seating, but the key is to not block your focal point.

While decorating a house, we came across a room with an interesting layout. It was a narrow living room, with a fireplace as the focal point. Picture this: when you entered the house you were immediately in the living room facing the fireplace. Opposite the fireplace was the front window of the house.

Now, normally you would not place a couch in front of a window since you would want to face the view; however, since the fireplace was opposite the window, this presented a problem. Here is the solution we came up with.

We placed the couch against the window. We then found a round coffee table to put in front of the couch. This softens all the hard lines and creates more space to place chairs. When placing the chairs you have two choices. They can be placed at right angles to the couch or across from the couch. Swivel chairs are a great solution for this arrangement. They can go in either spot as discussed, but because they swivel, guests can turn towards the couch or towards the fireplace.

Remember, no matter how difficult your room challenge may be, there is always a solution. Leave us a comment with a decorating problem you’ve been faced with. Or if you have had a decorating challenge that you conquered, please share it with us. We love to hear your creative solutions!

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Lauren Marshall

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