The Best Apps for College Students

The life of a college student can be difficult trying to manage your academic course load, extra circular activities, social life and sometimes even a job. Whether you’re stressing about a test or keeping all your assignments straight, we have the best FREE apps to help you survive the tough life of English papers, Spanish class and even those all-nighters.

  1. Download EasyBib. Not sure how to create a citation the right way? This app will generate citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago style.
  2. Download Babylon. Are you in a foreign language class and need some extra help? This app will help with translations for dozens of languages.
  3. Download Are you completely overwhelmed with all your projects and assignments? This app will keep you organized and perfect for those students who like to create to-do lists.
  4. Download Studious. Ever forget about the date of a test or when an assignment is due? With this app you will never have that problem again.
  5. Download Mathway. Stuck on an algebra question? This app will help with even the toughest math problems.

These apps will not only help you in the classroom, but also help you manage your time outside of the classroom too. Have any other apps that you can’t live without? Let us know!

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