The Guest Room

You’ve re-decorated your home and everything is finally coming together. You only have one room left, the guest room. Many times when you have house guests, they have an infant. However, there is not enough room for both the crib and a bed. So, the question is – what do you do?

If you have a closet that is emptied or not used, remove the folding doors from the closet along with the shelving and rods inside. Take into consideration if the interior of the closet needs a new coat of paint. If so, choose a cheerful color to coordinate with the rest of the room.

Next, purchase a crib and place it inside the closet parallel to the wall. If the crib is wider than the closet, a portion of it will protrude outside of the space. To soften the closet door opening, purchase drapery rods and panels. Hang the rods so that the side frame of the closet is covered by the panels.  Because the closet is now the focal point in the room, hang a decorative piece such as a mirror above the crib.  This has a dual effect. The mirror provides depth in the room as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Lastly, purchase new bedding for the crib and coordinate with the bedding in the room. Just like that, your room is complete and ready for your house guests!

Solutions are all around you and sometimes it’s as easy as thinking outside of the box! Have ideas on how to re-decorate a guest room? Leave them below!

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