Tips to Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Winter

We may have been lucky with warm weather this far, but the winter weather is now upon us. Since the winter months may be full of wet and bitter temperatures, it’s important to remember to keep our four pawed family members safe and warm too. Here are some pet tips to keep them safe this winter:

  1. Keep pets inside. Just like people, the cold can be very harmful to pets. They can develop frostbite and hypothermia too. If possible, keep them inside during the bitter cold months. If your pets have to go outside, make sure they have easy access to get back in the house or a garage to keep warm.
  2. Stay clear of toxic products. If pets sleep in the garage, make sure to keep all antifreeze and any other harmful products that can be deadly to your pets out of reach.
  3. Dress up your pets. While your pets may not be a fan of clothing, don’t be afraid to put a coat or vest on your animal. Doggy boots can also protect your dog’s paws from ice and salt. Another way to protect their paws, buy Protecta-Pad® cream to help with moisturizing their paws.
  4. Wipe down your pets. When they get back inside, wipe down their feet, legs and belly to help keep them from getting sick. Also, be sure to check their paws to ensure no bleeding or damage has occurred.
  5. Keep pets hydrated. It’s important to give your pets plenty of food and water. Outdoor pets will require more food in the winter months and also be sure to check the water to make sure it’s not frozen.

Use these tips to keep your four legged friends warm this winter and don’t forget to give them some extra love as well! Have other tips to keep your animals safe? Share them below!

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