Tips to Save Money on School Lunches

Primary School Pupils Enjoying Packed Lunch In Classroom

For many of us, the new school year starts next week – which includes stocking up on enough lunch box staples to make it through Labor Day. Below are a few helpful tips that can help you save money on school lunches now and throughout the school year.

 Good for the Planet

 Save some green, while going green with lunchskins® reusable snack and sandwich bags. Each lunchskins bag is dishwasher-safe and can be used about 500 times – that’s nearly three years of PB&J sandwiches. Plus they come in fun designs, like sea turtles, sharks, and soccer balls. Buy one or a set online or at retailers like Whole Foods® Market and Target.

Ice It

Freeze drinks the night before and use them instead of ice packs the next day to keep food cold. By the time lunch rolls around, your child’s drink will be thawed-out; while items like cheese sticks and yogurts will still be nice & cold.

Gift Cards Galore 

If your child’s school uses gift cards for fundraisers through programs like SCRIP, purchase cards to stores, restaurants and gas stations you regularly use – you’re helping the school and earning rebates towards your annual fundraising goal.

To all of our parents, students and educators wishing you the best of luck this school year! Have other tips on how to save money on school lunches? Share them below!

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