Tricks to Decorating Long & Narrow Spaces in Your Home

Lauren Marshall

Lauren Marshall

It’s important to love where you live and decorating can be one of the most enjoyable, yet difficult jobs to complete. We get so many questions on how to decorate a long and narrow space. Most people assume you place furniture along a wall to complete the room, but here is the trick for this kind of space.

You need to create two seating areas. Leave the TV on the farthest wall in the room. Place the couch 2/3’s of the way into the room toward the TV. With the remaining space behind the couch, you can have several seating arrangements:

  • First Idea: Place a small table with four chairs around it. This seating area would have multiple purposes. It can be a game table, eating area or just additional seating. The TV will be visible and you have increased the seating by four.
  • Second Idea: Place two easy chairs with a table in-between to create a seating area. This also has a dual purpose. It can be a reading area separate from the main room or be additional seating to watch TV.
  • Third Idea: If you need office space in your home, this area could serve the purpose. Just place a desk and chair against the wall. Since this area will be visible to family and friends, be sure to keep the desk area neat and tidy.

Let us help with your difficult decorating questions. We would love to hear from you!

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Lauren Marshall

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