Useful Apps for Grocery Shopping

Blond woman checking her phone for the best prices on meat.

Grocery Shopping is a necessary chore in everyday life for many of us. Whether you enjoy making lists or just grab as you go, we found some essential apps for hundreds of popular merchants to help make shopping a breeze – and save you money.

  1. Download Grocery Pal. This app will point you in the direction of sale items at your local supermarket and discount stores. It even offers comparison shopping.
  2. Download Coupon Sherpa. This app will save you money and the hassle of clipping coupons with hundreds of mobile coupons added every day. You also can set your favorite stores to easily track their most up-to-date coupons.
  3. Download Apples2Oranges app. You can compare prices and nutrition of two items by scanning the barcodes to see which one gives you the most bang for your buck and which is healthier.
  4. Download Key Ring. Easily access your reward cards all in one place and save money by redeeming deals and coupons with this app.
  5. Download Grocery IQ. Create a grocery list by typing, voice command or scanning the barcodes. You can also access discounts from and sync your list with family members or roommates.
  6. Download Shopwell. This app will help when shopping for certain foods or ingredients such as vegetarian, gluten or foods containing certain allergies.

Although these apps won’t go grocery shopping for you, they will help save money and ensure you’re getting all the items on your list! Have any other apps you love while grocery shopping? Share them below!

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