Ways to Keep Your Passwords Safe

Valerie Doy

Valerie Doy

A keyboard with a post-it note that says "Password: 123456"

Having a secure password and keeping it protected is more important than you realize. There are a variety of ways that your password can become compromised such as an internet hacker, from a data breach or even a jealous ex! To help keep your passwords safe, here are some tips on creating and managing secure passwords:

  1. Use a different password for every website. If one of your online services or passwords gets compromised, you don’t want the hacker to have access to others.
  2. Use a strong password. Every password should contain a combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase.
  3. Avoid sending or receiving passwords through email entirely. Email is often stored on your computer and many copies may exist.
  4. Use a two-step verification process when offered. Many email services and financial institutions such as our Online Banking offer the two-step authentication making it more secure every time you login.
  5. Use a password manager instead of keeping a post-it on your computer, which cleaning crews, utility workers and even coworkers have access to. Some free apps include Password Box, Last Pass, or Dashlane.

Taking these extra security measures will help you from potentially getting hacked and will keep your ex from stealing your passwords!

Valerie Doy

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