A website redesigned with you in mind.

Introducing the new dupagecu.com

We’ve partnered with Americaneagle.com®—one of the leading experts in web design and development—to help create a website that allows members and non-members to make the best financial decisions. In doing so, we have a powerful content management system with a flexible and future-ready webpage builder that allows our team to integrate new web technologies that enhance your experience.

An enhanced web experience that helps you make better financial decisions.

We value communication and transparency, and the new dupagecu.com helps takes the guesswork out of important financial decisions. The checking account pages, for instance, list our fees (or lack thereof!) right upfront—no digging or reading through fine print.

Fee transparency

Plus, with our product calculators, you can quickly see just how much you could be earning or saving.

Some of the new features of dupagecu.com include:

  • Over 30 calculators that help you make the most informed decision. Want to know how much money that balance transfer will save you? Maybe you want to see how much money you can earn when you bundle a High-Yield Checking and High-Yield Savings account. Let our calculators do the heavy lifting.
    How much you could earn when you bundle a High-Yield Savings Account with a Cash Back Checking account.
  • Comparison tools that help find the product that best fits your needs. What’s the best checking account for your needs? What matters most to you in a savings account? With these tools, you can quickly find the answer.
    Image of the Perfect Fit Finder Tool
  • A new site search makes finding the information you are looking for—from common questions to products—much easier.
    FAQ section
  • More intuitive navigation and page layout helps you find the information you need quickly.Navigation on the new website

Built on a secure, adaptive framework for the ever-changing ways we use the web.

We continued to put a premium on security by investing in a dedicated server with tools that offer real-time performance monitoring and threat detection. We also focused on increasing site speed via file minification, optimized images, HTTP caching, and more. What this means for you:

  • Secure browsing on dupagecu.com and in Online Banking with 256-bit TSL/SSL encryption
  • Faster page loads
  • Simply put: A better, more intuitive experience across browsers and devices

Keep an eye out for the announcement email and get ready for the new dupagecu.com!

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16 thoughts on “A website redesigned with you in mind.”

  1. I have been a member since 1985 and I’ve enjoyed working with DuPage Credit union for the entire time. They are easy to work with and I like the idea of my money being with a small institution and not a big-bank. I love the personal attention and community feel Dupage has. I’ll never leave my credit union.

  2. I’ve been a member since 1989. I love the personal attention that I’ve received over the years & couldn’t imagine ever leaving this institution. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the associates in various departments. Thanks for making the web site even better to use & find things quicker. Great job!!

    1. I have been a member for over 30 years. I’ve financed cars, had lines of credit, checking and savings accounts since forever. I couldn’t think of joining a y other financial institution. The people of DCU are the best!

  3. My first degree is in Computer Science. I worked for IBM for 6 years. I taught Computer Information Systems at the college level for 14 years. The redesign of the Dupage Credit Union web page is not worth the new learning curve for the members. Too often IT professionals have to generate new work (e.g, web pages, apps, programs, text books, etc.) primarily for the purpose of remaining a seemingly productive unit, not necessarily because a genuine, serious need for the new page, app, program or textbook existed. Not enough improvement to warrant the time and expense, let alone the impact on the users.

  4. Steve / Christena Nicholson

    Many people are getting “Phishing” emails that direct them to a site that “Looks” Like their financial institution.
    When they sign in with their user name and password, that information is stolen!!! They are then directed on to the proper site and they are never any wiser.
    I just started banking at Dupage CU last year after moving here from Kansas city, having been a member for many years.
    Our bank in KC had a picture (of my choice) when I signed in so I knew that I was on my banks “Official” site and no one could fool me!!!!!
    Now, why don’t you bring this idea to your IT department to save people being fooled?
    Steve Nicholson

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