5 Simple Tips on Prepping for Your Holiday Road Trip

DuPage Credit Union
November 22, 2017
Road trip in the picture this holiday season? Check out these 5 tips on how to prep for your holiday road trip before hitting the open road:
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Holiday Road Trip- Suitcase packed with sweater, Teddy Bear and Christmas gifts.

5 Thrifty Christmas Ideas to Save This Holiday Season

DuPage Credit Union
November 17, 2017
It's easy for Christmas budgets to fly out the window faster than Santa's team of eight tiny reindeer when trying to create a memorable holiday. Check out these 5 thrifty …
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Christmas Ideas - Young father and daughter making cookies in the kitchen.

4 Tips on Ways to Winterize Your Home to Save Time and Money

DuPage Credit Union
November 10, 2017
Winter is coming - making this an opportune time to winterize your home before snow begins to pile up and temperatures plunge below zero. Check out these 4 tips on …
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Winterize - Snow and ice covered house after ice storm and blizzard, blue and white house.

6 Apps to Help With Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Menus

DuPage Credit Union
November 3, 2017
Soon the aroma of cranberries simmering on the stove top, sugar cookies baking in the oven and turkeys stuffed with rosemary and sage will waft through homes as cooks …
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Christmas Dinner- African American family gathered around the dining room for table for Christmas dinner with fireplace and stockings in the background.

7 Apps to Help Manage The Holidays and Stick to Your Christmas Budget

DuPage Credit Union
October 19, 2017
Soon the holiday rush will be here! And with gifts to purchase, trips to plan, cookies to bake and so much more it’s easy to get caught up in the …
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Christmas Budget - Woman checking her smart phone apps while Christmas shopping

5 Tips to Save Money on Halloween Spending

DuPage Credit Union
October 13, 2017
Soon little ghosts and goblins will troll the streets looking for treats, as Jack O' Lanterns light up ink-like skies and chilling music echoes through the brisk October …
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Halloween Spending - Cute little witch doing scary face. Halloween theme.

6 Tips to Help Protect You From Identity Theft

DuPage Credit Union
October 6, 2017
You work hard to establish credit and make a name for yourself. Don’t let cyber criminals steal your identity and leave blemishes that may take years to undo. Check out …
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Identity Theft- computer login screen.

3 Tips on Avoiding Debit and Credit Card Fraud

DuPage Credit Union
September 29, 2017
As hackers, thieves and cyber criminals continue to get savvier debit and credit card fraud continues to rise - you, however, have the power to stop them in their …
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Credit Card Fraud - Woman using her credit card to withdraw money at an ATM

5 Holiday Budgeting Tips for an Affordable Christmas

DuPage Credit Union
September 19, 2017
It's never too early to start budgeting for the holidays. Expenses can add up quickly - especially when you head into the season without a game plan. Check out these …
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Holiday Budgeting- Multigenerational familu opening Christmas gifts in front of a Christmas tree.

5 Tips for How to Coupon for Big Savings

DuPage Credit Union
September 8, 2017
Looking for an easy way to save money? One of the quickest ways to accomplish this goal is with coupons. Check out these 5 tips on how to coupon for big savings:
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How to Coupon - Woman grocery shopping looking at her stack of coupons.
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