Top Cash Back Apps: 5 Foolproof Steps to Earn the Most Cash Back Shopping Online

July 19, 2018
If you aren’t using these top cash back apps and websites to make online purchases, you're leaving cash on the table. Simply put, I never buy anything without using this simple …
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cat online shopping

Savings Tip: The Cost Benefits of Homemade House Cleaners

June 21, 2018
The cost of store-bought house cleaners doesn’t just affect your budget, but also the condition of your home and the people residing in it. For instance, the yearly cost …
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Cleaning lady with cleaning supplies in a bucket

4 Tail-Wagging Reasons to Adopt a Pet

DuPage Credit Union
June 15, 2018
Have you been thinking about adding a dog or cat to your household? If so, check out these 4 tail-wagging reasons why you should adopt a pet before rushing to …
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Adopt a Pet - Pretty blonde woman giving her husky a hug on a summer day.

6 Tips on How to Buy a Used Car and Get the Best Deal

DuPage Credit Union
Whether you're buying a certified previously-owned vehicle, a classic ride or something that's been around the block a few times, check out these 6 tips on how to buy a …
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Buy a Used Car - Handsome young man taking a drive with his golden retriever in a recently bought silver vehicle.

Summertime Savings – 4 Tips to Help Keep Your Budget Balanced

DuPage Credit Union
Summertime fun can take a bite out of the budget. With vacations, get-togethers and family outings packed into 12 weeks of sun-drenched bliss costs can add up quickly. Check out …
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Summertime- Passage to the beach at sunrise on Key West.

6 Fun, Inexpensive Summer Activities That Won’t Break the Bank

DuPage Credit Union
Summer's here! And with it comes the cost of enjoying every sun-drenched moment with your friends and family. Check out these 6 fun summer activities that won't break the bank …
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Summer Activities- Lake Michigan shoreline at the Indiana Dunes State Park.

5 Reasons To Get a Cash-Out Refinance Mortgage

DuPage Credit Union
A cash-out refinance replaces your existing mortgage with a new one for a larger amount. The difference goes to you in cash to spend on anything you choose. With a …
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Cash-Out Refinance - Beautiful deck and wooden patio table with hurricane candles lit at twilight.

6 Ideas to Help Save Money on Your Summer Celebration

DuPage Credit Union
Summer is party central! And whether you're planning a graduation, retirement, engagement or other milestone party to celebrate a special occasion, the cost of hosting a fabulous party adds up …
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Celebration - A group of friends sit around a table at a garden party.

4 Ways to Give Back This Summer

DuPage Credit Union
Summer is a great time to give back through charitable work and by participating in fundraising events and drives. Check out 4 ways to give back to the community that …
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Give Back- an African American young woman is helping hand out backpacks, she has a huge smile on her face.

5 Ideas to Help Save Money With Your Deck Plans

DuPage Credit Union
April 27, 2018
If you've been considering building a deck to increase your living space, create an outdoor oasis and add value to your home, check out these 5 money-saving tips to help …
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Deck Plans- Six week oldbalck Great Dane puppy yawning on a deck.
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