Common Sense Regulations

Make Your Voice Heard to Support Credit Unions

Credit unions are all about people helping people. As a supporter of DuPage Credit Union, you have a voice.

Together, we can use our voices to help put an end to the excessive regulations that came as a result of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. Since its passage, these regulations have negatively impacted Members by:

  • Consuming credit union resources that end up costing Illinois credit union members an average of $76.
  • Leading to higher costs and longer wait times for mortgages and loans
  • Making it harder for credit unions to provide the services and product Members need – including access to modernized technology

Take Action Now

Very soon the House of Representatives will be voting on the Financial Choice Act, which plans on rolling back regulations that make it difficult for credit unions and small community banks to thrive.

If you agree that it’s time for Congress to overhaul Washington’s excessive regulation of credit unions, please make your voice heard now. Tell Congress we need common sense regulations that allow local institutions like DuPage Credit Union to decide what’s best for its Members and communities, as we always have.

Make sure your voice is heard! Simply fill out the pre-populated email and send to let your U.S. senators and representatives know that you want them to make fixing costly regulations on credit unions a top priority.