2017 Teacher Appreciation Giveaway Winners

2017 Teacher Appreciation Giveaway Winners

Diane M. | Stacey K. | Mark D.
DuPage Credit Union asked local school staff members for stories of fellow teachers and colleagues who go above and beyond and deserve recognition. Thank you to everyone who entered the Teacher Appreciation Giveaway! We were moved by all of your amazing stories of strength and sacrifice.

First Place

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First PlaceFirst PlaceFirst Place

Diane M.

Indian Trail Junior High School, Addison District 4

Nominators: Lawrence H. & Catherine K.

“Diane is perhaps the hardest-working teacher I know. She has been the Performing Arts Team Leader at our school for the past decade, keeping our department running while teaching a full load of classes as well. She spends countless hours beyond what is required of her working with kids, offering them individualized support outside of the school day, assisting other directors in our department with their groups, and advocating for our students and ensembles. In the past year, she has managed all of this while dealing with personal health issues and the passing of a parent. A true inspiration!” – Lawrence H.

“Diane is our music department chair, and she goes above and beyond to make sure that not only her students, but every student in the music program has the tools they need to be successful. With many young teachers in her department, she is always willing to listen to our struggles and provide feedback to help us grow as professionals. Diane is a caring and compassionate leader who makes sure that her students and colleagues feel valued and supported.” – Catherine K.

Second Place

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Stacey K.

Glenside Middle School, District 16

Nominators: Carly M. & Laura S.

“Stacey goes above and beyond to help her students succeed. She cares deeply about her craft often attending and presenting at Professional Development sessions. And she is a fair, but caring teacher who truly strives to meet the needs of all her students.” – Carly M.

“[Stacey] is a 7th grade math teacher who prepares her students with the skills to pass the class but, more importantly, she motivates her students by implementing the growth mindset model in her classroom. [Stacey] teaches her students to learn to develop their skills and accomplish more through resilience and hard work. She teaches her students to reach for more every day. [Stacey] is a team leader in the building. She also leads in the global teaching community by speaking about growth mindset at conferences.” – Laura S.

Third Place

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Third PlaceThird Place

Mark D.

DuJardin Elementary School, Bloomingdale District 13

Nominator: Angel F.

“To simply put it, [Mark] is out of this world because he develops genuine relationships with the students. He publicly places trust in our students to do what’s right and treat others how they want to be treated. This instills a sense of leadership within each one that is passed on through peer mentoring. This resonates in the classroom by students demonstrating an increase in assertiveness and active participation. They are willing to collaborate with peers and advocate for themselves. All students of [Mark] WILL be the change they want to see in the world.” – Angel F.



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