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Have you ever been at a restaurant and wanted to try a new beer, but you weren’t sure what type you would like? If you’re a beer newbie, or don’t have a lot of knowledge behind the different types, you’re in luck! We’re breaking down the different types of beer to help you find your favorite!

  • Stout- Stouts usually have a tan to brown coloring. They have heavily roasted flavor with hints of coffee, chocolate, licorice and molasses.
  • Porter- Porters are similar to stouts and are dark in color. It has notes of grains, chocolate, toffee and sometimes has a bitter taste.
  • IPA- Also known has Indian Pale Ale. IPA’s have a strong hoppy flavor with a little bitter taste. Beware, these beers normally have higher alcohol content!
  • Pale Ale- Pale Ales are usually gold or copper colored and they normally have an equal malt to hop flavor.
  • Wheat- Wheat beers have a light color and also are full flavored with banana, vanilla or clove.
  • Lager- Lagers can range from sweet to bitter and are mostly pale to medium color with high hop flavoring.
  • Cider- Not a beer lover? Then try a cider! Ciders are normally made from crushed fruit- typically apples.

Now you’re one step closer to becoming a beer expert! Have a favorite beer? Share it below! Also, if you’re joining us for our First-Time Home Financing Seminar this Saturday at Two Brothers Tap House, you’ll be able to put this beer knowledge to good use!

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