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Did you know that on average people who have pets are generally healthier than people who don’t share their homes with furry friends? Check out 5 healthy reasons why you might want to consider getting a pet:

Pet - Black Labrador Retriever lying in green grass.

Marketing Team Member Tami’s Black Labrador Retriever Storm.

Reason #1: Pets Make Great Workout Partners

Whether you need to shed a few pounds, up your steps or get into shape for an upcoming half-marathon a dog might just be your best workout partner. Running, walking, hiking, swimming and playing fetch are just a few ways to get in a daily workout while enjoying the many benefits of having a personal trainer that doesn’t charge by the hour. When choosing a dog make sure to select a breed that works with your lifestyle.

Pet - Vice President of Business Solution's white dogs Cooper and Coconut.

Vice President of Business Solutions Amy’s Westies Cooper and Coconut.

Reason #2: You’ll Never Feel Lonely

Pets make excellent companions because they’re nonjudgmental, always available and love unconditionally. Plus, owning a pet is a great way to meet new people while out on adventures, at the veterinarian’s office or even at the pet supply store.

Pet - Team Member Jim and his Schnauzer Penny.

Finance Department Team Member Jim and his Miniature Schnauzer Penny.

Reason #3: Heart Health

Owning a pet may help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as reduce your risk for heart disease because your pet will keep you active.

Pet - Executive Vice President and C.O.O. Roberta's rescue pup Zeke.

Executive Vice President and C.O.O. Roberta’s Cocker Spaniel Zeke.

Reason #4:  Great Stress-Busters

Did you have a stressful day? No worries! A pet will be there when you get home to snuggle with, listen to problems and help lessen anxiety levels. And if after 10 minutes of bonding time doesn’t do the trick, grab your pet’s leash and go for a run.

Pet - Team Member Natalie and her Teddy Bear pup Bailey.

Business Solutions Team Member Natalie and her Teddy Bear pup Bailey.

Reason #5: Pets Can Improve Kids’ Health

Studies show that children who are raised in homes with pets are less likely to be allergic to animal dander and have overall stronger immune systems.

Pet - Executive Vice President and C.O.O. Roberta's rescue pup Quincy.

Executive Vice President and C.O.O. Roberta’s rescue pup Quincy.

DuPage Credit Union Team Members love their pets! That’s why one day each month Team Members get together to make toys for animals looking for forever homes at Anderson Animal Shelter and the Naperville Humane Society. If you have gently used pet toys, old tees, or even toilet paper rolls please consider making a donation at one of our three Branch Offices.

Pet- Team Member Samantha and her adopted pup Nova.

Consumer Loans Team Member Samantha and her adopted pup Nova.

Get Cash Back on All of Your Pet Supplies

Whether you’re outfitting your home for a Labrador Retriever, buying kitten kibble at a trendy pet store or adopting a furry friend to love at a local animal shelter, save money with DuPage’s Credit Union Inspire Cash Back Visa® Signature Card the premier cash back card for both everyday expenses and extraordinary adventures. Our Inspire Cash Back Signature Card was created to reward Members for doing more of what they love by offering 3% cash back on travel and dining, 2% cash back at bookstores, including one of the largest online retailers, where you can purchase all of your pet supplies. And so much more!

Do you know of any other health benefits to owning a pet? If so, please share:


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