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Road trip in the picture this holiday season? Check out these 5 tips on how to prep for your holiday road trip before hitting the open road:

Holiday Road Trip - Open suitcase with casual clothes and gifts for Christmas.

Holiday Road Trip Tip #1:

Before the snow begins to fly make sure to winterize your vehicle by topping off fluids, replacing windshield wiper blades, having the tires checked and a quick once-over by your mechanic.

Keep a set of booster cables, a portable battery charger, flashlight and first-aid kit close at hand for roadside emergencies.

Holiday Road Trip Tip #2:

Enroll in Members’ Roadside Assistance and feel secure knowing if the unexpected happens anywhere, anytime in the U.S. or Canada you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Holiday Road Trip - a snowy, scenic drive on a two lane highway with snow and ice.

Holiday Road Trip Tip #3:

Plan on stopping for the night before reaching your final destination? Consider making reservations now to ensure there is room at the inn.

Plot a reasonable destination to rest for the night, remember wintry travel and shorter days cuts into travel times. Once you’ve determined where to spend the night, visit apps like tripadvisor® to find a hotel near the interstate within your budget.

Holiday Road Trip Tip #4:

Save time and money by downloading the GasBuddy App to locate directions to nearby gas stations, pinpoint where to make pit stops and find the lowest prices.

Holiday Road Trip Tip #5:

Don’t forget the extras that make a long drive more tolerable, such as: blankets, pillows, snacks, a cooler full of juice boxes, bottled water and soft drinks, a portable DVD player or tablet (and a variety of movies), games and any other favorite car friendly activities for you and your family.

And check out radio-locator, which helps you find radio stations by state – every holiday road trip needs good tunes.

Holiday Road Trip - young people taking blankets out of a car.

Thinking of taking advantage of holiday vehicle sales and getting a new ride for your holiday road trip? DuPage Credit Union offers amazingly low vehicle financing rates and flexible terms to help put you in the holiday car-buying spirit.

Planning ahead will help you have a safe and enjoyable holiday road trip. Do you have other holiday travel tips? Please share them below:

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