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Harley Davidson Loan

Great Experience thank you.

- James C
Excellent service

I was fortunate to come across dupage credit union when I was looking to refinance my vehicle. I received a great rate on my auto loan and the staff was excellent in the entire loan process from start to finish. I would highly recommend dupage credit union for everybody’s loan needs as they are quite helpful and professional.

- Phillip D
Mortgage loan

I just finished refinancing my mortgage loan with DuPage credit union and it was the easiest and best process I ever had . Will definitely recommend them. Thanks to Nora and Johnathon from DuPage credit union.

- Muris.H
Ms. Marie
- Brenda W
Smooth Refinancing

Under less than normal circumstances our refinancing went very smoothly. The care taken to complete the process without compromising anyone's health was wonderful. In fact the whole process was handled very professionally and we are very glad we chose the DuPage Credit Union to handle our refinancing. Thank you very much for the great service.

- Robert B
Experience with DupageCU

I've had nothing but a good experience so far with dupage credit union. From starting an account, getting a credit card, and even an auto loan. It's been a wonderful no hassle experience.

- Thomas N

I'm a senior citizen, and a vet, and I can tell you these are the best people I have ever dealt with, they made me feel very comfortable, and I can't tell you how great DuPage credit union is. THANK YOU !! DuPage Credit Union !!!

- George G.
- Emy-Lynn G
Very accommodating


- Theodore
My DCU Account

Excellent Customer Services at Front Office. I am happy with the online process for joining Dupage Credit Union (DCU).
I have 2 suggestions for DCU to improve on:
(1) Regarding Clickswitch, need in-house expertise to answer some basic questions from customer who need help and came to the office for the help. My experience was a "We can't help you with that because it is a package".
(2) When I enrolled in online statement, I got an error message. Then got a charge of $5 for paper statement. I tried enroll again and got the same message. I called the support number and asked about the $5 charge and issue with online enrollment for Paperless statement. The lady called the back office then came back and told me they know of the problem and would fixed it, which they did, the enrollment went through. Should they fix it with my prior enrollments? The lady then reversed the $5 charge.
Again my impression toward DCU is still a very positive one.

- Khanh N

Khanh, thanks so much for joining the Credit Union. We're so glad your experience here so far has been a happy one. One of our team members has reached out to you for more information, but if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 800-323-2611.

- Dupage Credit Union
Assistance dealing with a "compromised/hacked account"

My account, in entirety, had been fradulantly compromised/hacked, through an elaborate on line scheme. It was no fault of DuPage Credit Union. I went to the Wheaton branch to both learn/understand what had happened and to solve/resolve the problem . Mr. Brad Campbell assisted me. It turned out this was a complicated mess. I can not praise Brad's efforts enough. Mr. Campbell's professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to making sure the problem was resolved and the integrity of my accounts were safe guarded was exceptional. He spent a considerable amount of time, with me, making sure all was properly in place. He then retraced his steps to assure that nothing had been missed. He assuringly, patiently answered all my questions. Well done Brad Campbell. Well done Dupage CU.

- Buzz B
Tariq Khan
- Tariq A

Very friendly! Very helpful! I am so happy that Jerry referred me..a great , positive, experience

- Tina L
They make it simple for a car loan.

Nice people to deal with. They really seem to care about what’s best for you.

- Zach
Always a pleasure...

Every time I call in, whether in person or on telephone, there is always a friendly, courteous and professional engagement. Well done DuPage Credit Union.

- WayneT
Continued success

I've had dealt with Dupage Credit Union going on for 3+ years now and ranging from multiple auto loans to personal/savings accounts, I recently wanted to open up another account that dealt with joint ownership. The process could not have been any smoother and the customer service and satisfaction has always been top notch. There was a small hiccup a few months back pertaining to receiving my title in the mail due to improper data entry of an address on file, but it was taken care of quickly and while it was a headache within the situation itself, overall the entire Dupage CU team made it right and I appreciate their tentative nature to want the best for their clients. In due time, I may consider them for a home refi as well.

Thank you, DuPageCU.

- Jeffery
Excellent company

Dupage Credit Union has been a most pleasant experience and a smooth transaction for refinancing. I will definitely recommend your services. Every person I spoke to on the phone was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. When i went in to sign paperwork, the loan servicing agent was delightful to meet and made my paperwork a breeze to complete. Thank you!!

- Susan S
This is the credit union you'll love

I could not ask for more out of a credit union. Great staff with all of the knowledge of experts and the courtesy you hope for. This is the kind of banking experience where you feel like a person, and not just another nameless face.

- David D
Very Smooth

Finally had the chance to refinance our home and we got an excellent rate. All the communication and paperwork went very smoothly and everyone we dealt with was very nice. We had zero problems and closed quickly. i'd recommend them without question.

- George U
Best Customer Assistance -- EVER

DuPage Credit Union is absolutely incredible! Currently I am in Dallas and my Debit Card got hacked. I made a purchase and within 10 mins, I received a call from their Detection Center advising that my acct was temporarily froze due to potential fraud. We verified info and sure enough, I was violated. The Detection Center immediately put the wheels in motion to issue completely new digits. I was left holding very little cash on me and a hacked Debit Card. I was then provided a “Sister Credit Union” in my area to obtain cash without my card. Acct number & Driver’s License, and I’m good to go. Unfortunately that CU was out of sync with DCU with respect to a data transfer. I was denied the withdrawal. I called DCU back, Kristen was my contact, I gave her the details and Kristen jumped through some incredible hoops to get cash in my hand that same day. I have never seen customer service like that in my life. What an adventure!

I followed up with an email to Kristen’s supervisor, Karin, expressing my tremendous gratitude for how Kristen worked the problem professionally and with unbelievable grace. People are quick to complain but I think it’s extremely important that we compliment when we receive great customer service as well. I was 1,400 miles from the nearest DCU branch. And I simply had no other option to obtain cash. In that email, I also advised Karin that my data was out of sync with the sister credit union which prevented me from accessing my cash through them. Karin quickly wrote me back, appreciating my gratitude for Kristen’s assistance; and thanked me for making her aware of the data issue so she could address it. She had already put in motion the remedy to resolve the snag. And before she wrote me back, she comp’d me for the trouble. I mean who does that?! I didn’t request compensation. I was expressing tremendous gratitude for Kristen getting me through the challenges. Who gives you customer service like THAT -- DuPage Credit Union. What an exceptional display of their character.

If you’re reading these reviews to decide whether or not you want to bank with DuPage Credit Union, let me tell you something -- You will NEVER regret banking with DuPage Credit Union. The entire staff is just fantastic to engage with. Whether it’s at a branch, on the phone, or in an email. They only hire the best of the best. And that my friend, is very obvious. Always happy, always kind, always professional, always willing to go the distance to provide fantastic customer service -- all to make you smile; and some of them even have ‘super powers’. I don’t know you, but I know them. I’ve banked with them for many years. You will not be disappointed with their team members or their services.

Finally I wanted to get a couple of pizzas for Kristen to show my appreciation and I requested Karin’s help with that. I didn’t want to order them on her day off, etc. And while she appreciated the offer, she wouldn’t let me. Instead, she insisted she was going to buy lunch for the staff to show her appreciation for them. DuPage Credit Union, what an amazing group of individuals that function so well as a team. In 2008, when the banking industry collapsed due to shoddy business practices; not one single credit union fell. They stood fiscally sound & strong. So your money is safe with them too. Give DuPage Credit Union the opportunity with one or all your banking needs, I’m quite certain they will exceed your expectations. Have a great day!

- CharMaine B
External Transfers

Setting up an external transfer was an easy process.

- Darlene L
Awesome service!

The service provided online and in person is very good. Recommend this bank to everyone!

- Kiante M

I don't have any complaints, the service has been very good

- Myriam V-E
Good Credit Union

I've been a member for over 10 years and have never had any issues. Wish the savings interest rate was higher.

- Cynthia
Wonderful place to keep my finances secure. Extremely helpful employees!!!
- Lori H
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