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Best Customer Assistance -- EVER

DuPage Credit Union is absolutely incredible! Currently I am in Dallas and my Debit Card got hacked. I made a purchase and within 10 mins, I received a call from their Detection Center advising that my acct was temporarily froze due to potential fraud. We verified info and sure enough, I was violated. The Detection Center immediately put the wheels in motion to issue completely new digits. I was left holding very little cash on me and a hacked Debit Card. I was then provided a “Sister Credit Union” in my area to obtain cash without my card. Acct number & Driver’s License, and I’m good to go. Unfortunately that CU was out of sync with DCU with respect to a data transfer. I was denied the withdrawal. I called DCU back, Kristen was my contact, I gave her the details and Kristen jumped through some incredible hoops to get cash in my hand that same day. I have never seen customer service like that in my life. What an adventure!

I followed up with an email to Kristen’s supervisor, Karin, expressing my tremendous gratitude for how Kristen worked the problem professionally and with unbelievable grace. People are quick to complain but I think it’s extremely important that we compliment when we receive great customer service as well. I was 1,400 miles from the nearest DCU branch. And I simply had no other option to obtain cash. In that email, I also advised Karin that my data was out of sync with the sister credit union which prevented me from accessing my cash through them. Karin quickly wrote me back, appreciating my gratitude for Kristen’s assistance; and thanked me for making her aware of the data issue so she could address it. She had already put in motion the remedy to resolve the snag. And before she wrote me back, she comp’d me for the trouble. I mean who does that?! I didn’t request compensation. I was expressing tremendous gratitude for Kristen getting me through the challenges. Who gives you customer service like THAT -- DuPage Credit Union. What an exceptional display of their character.

If you’re reading these reviews to decide whether or not you want to bank with DuPage Credit Union, let me tell you something -- You will NEVER regret banking with DuPage Credit Union. The entire staff is just fantastic to engage with. Whether it’s at a branch, on the phone, or in an email. They only hire the best of the best. And that my friend, is very obvious. Always happy, always kind, always professional, always willing to go the distance to provide fantastic customer service -- all to make you smile; and some of them even have ‘super powers’. I don’t know you, but I know them. I’ve banked with them for many years. You will not be disappointed with their team members or their services.

Finally I wanted to get a couple of pizzas for Kristen to show my appreciation and I requested Karin’s help with that. I didn’t want to order them on her day off, etc. And while she appreciated the offer, she wouldn’t let me. Instead, she insisted she was going to buy lunch for the staff to show her appreciation for them. DuPage Credit Union, what an amazing group of individuals that function so well as a team. In 2008, when the banking industry collapsed due to shoddy business practices; not one single credit union fell. They stood fiscally sound & strong. So your money is safe with them too. Give DuPage Credit Union the opportunity with one or all your banking needs, I’m quite certain they will exceed your expectations. Have a great day!

- CharMaine B
External Transfers

Setting up an external transfer was an easy process.

- Darlene L
Awesome service!

The service provided online and in person is very good. Recommend this bank to everyone!

- Kiante McGavock

I don't have any complaints, the service has been very good

- Myriam Villalta- Elijah
Good Credit Union

I've been a member for over 10 years and have never had any issues. Wish the savings interest rate was higher.

- Cynthia
Wonderful place to keep my finances secure. Extremely helpful employees!!!
- Lori Hogan
Better than all the "regular" banks

Previous to Dupage Credit Union I had used a number of different banks. No matter what job I had and how I balanced my accounts, it seemed they always found a way to charge me fees for something or another every single month. I also had other credit cards, that would raise rates with no notice and then make it difficult to pay off completely as they said I needed to pay the exact balance, (not a penny over or under) and they couldn't even tell me what it was as it changed every day. It just seemed a lot of dishonesty and dirty tricks to nickel and dime a person. How can you have a savings account that checking account overages should be drawn from, and you go over 30 cents and then the bank uses that to bounce 3 checks and have 3 check bouncing fees and 3 insufficient funds fees? To have those kind of experiences with other banks. To bank with Dupage Credit Union has been completely another experience. Like overdraft protection, is actually overdraft protection! Also they have excellent car loans available that can save you tons of money in interest compared to a dealership rates. Banking with them has been among the best financial decisions I have made in my life.

- Anna Zervakis

They were great on helping me set up my accounts!!! Would definitely bring more people in to do business

- Michelle

Friendly. Professional. Reliable. The team at DPCU make you feel like family.

- Derrek H.
Family friendly bank

Since we moved to the area 20 years ago, we have had all of our accounts at DuPage Credit Union: checking, savings and our mortgage and they are always so friendly whether we are making a deposit, or need extra time paying our mortgage. They offer solutions that work with our needs. They are a top-notch institution. Thank you, DuPage Credit Union! I recommend you to all of my neighbors, family and friends.

- Kathy Kubik
History of Satisfaction

Been a member since 1984 when I began my teaching career, and have remained through my retirement. Have always been pleased with the service and support received from DCU.

- John Pape
Kind and Helpful

I have been a Dupage Credit Union Member since 2014 - since I've lived in IL- and the customer service has always been courteous and quick to respond to my needs. I've been to multiple bank locations and the tellers are pleasant with a smile on their face. They have everything needed right on their website for any quick answers and applying online is quick and simple. I highly recommend Dupage Credit Union for your banking needs.

- Heather Mitchell
Good to Have

I no longer live or work in DuPage County but I have held onto my membership for many, many years because it is my go-to financial institution for car loans and recently, my mortgage. When my air conditioner failed last year, we were able to quickly secure a short term personal loan to pay for a new one. They are always improving their website. I wouldn't let my membership go for anything.

- Dina Lindemann
Long standing membership

I have been with Dupage Credit Union for nearly thirty years. Even after I moved to Arizona I have not been able to find another bank that could compare.

- Doris L Leganski
DuPage Credit Union Membership

Great customer service, great rates with my savings account. I would recommend DuPage credit union to anyone.

- Louis Margaglione
Great service

Always attentive and willing to go over and above to help out in any way.

- Glenn M Aug

I have been a member for 25 years, always happy with the services they provide.

- Suzanne
More than I expected

My wife and I have been members of DPCU for a few years. Since starting with a savings account we have expanded to a Personal Loan and a Home Equity Loan. The process for each was easy and we had quick responses with our communications. The new website is pretty easy to navigate and has me interested in moving my checking and replacing a credit card in my wallet.

- Eric S Michals
What a great institution!!!

I have been a member of this great institution since 1995. I've had line of credit, auto loans mortgage. I've never had an issue with DuPage, they're always keeping a track on purchases if I've been out of state or the country making sure I was the one making the purchases. I'll be a member for life! Thanks DuPage CU for all that you do!

- Tanea Adams
Always courteous!

I always have good interactions with all the staff! I appreciate how helpful everyone is all the time!

- Diane McClellan
Great Credit Union

I've been very happy with DuPage Credit Union! Everyone is friendly and helpful. When I've had issues that required immediate attention, they were quick to address my concerns and resolve the problems. I appreciate their large fee-free ATM network. They operate with the skill/expertise of a big bank, but the customer service of a small bank. Best of both worlds!

- Kim
they were really nice to us

Dupage very easy to deal with

- Doris
Great customer service

Very happy that while i was in making a deposit my teller, based on my account activity, alerted me to the high yield savings and cash back checking. she signed me up on the spot (during my lunch hour); it was quick and painless and i am really happy with the returns I am getting in my savings and cash back rewards. thank you

- Jennifer V.

I been a customer for a long and everything is great.

- Delia Mason
Great credit union

I've been a member for over 10 years and Dupage CU meets all my banking needs

- Gillian
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