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So far so good

We've not been members long BUT so far, we're extremely pleased with the ease of everything. The staff are friendly and the site is easy to navigate. We look forward to what the future holds.

- Darlene L
More locations

I wish the location in Blooomingdale was still open or maybe open another branch somewhere else!

- Julie S
I would like ti know is a High Yield and Checking different from your regular accounts? What is the credit card you mentioned all sbout.

I would like to know is a High Yield and Checking different from your regular accounts? What is the credit card you mentioned all about.The services currently are going well.

- Geretta W
Beat place to bank

I have been a member for almost 20 years. Can’t imagine banking anywhere else. The staff is top notch and always willing to assist.

- Michael F
Easy to Join

If you live in DuPage County, then you have a good chance of becoming a member.

- William H
- Ryan P

I like being a member of a local credit union, but it is hard to access my money outside of business hours.

- FaKelia G
Great Service
- Katrina

Super easy to join and set up accounts. Staff was very friendly. Only required one initial visit in person - everything else after that has been done remotely.

- Brian
Always helpful and pleasant

For the many years that I have had a DCU account, anyone that I have worked with both in person and over the phone has always been super helpful and always very pleasant to work with!

- Heather
Many benefits

As a long time member, the many benefits of a credit union over a bank are offered with quality at Dupage Credit Union. The options are competitive and customer service is excellent.

- Emily J
Small business accounts would be great. Many have work from home businesses.
- Tunya P

I have been a member for many years and they always take care of my needs and offer great rates and services

- PW
My Membership

All I had to do was give the same information a person would give a bank .. Simple, easy, done !!

- Paul M

I love the wide range of product offerings that you offer. I feel that you can serve the majority of my financial needs.


- William C
- Rubystine Y-R

Everyone at your bank is so friendly,All of the staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and to meet all of your needs I really appreciate that because some banks are almost like stores and it’s not that warm courteous reception the way I get it your ba all of the staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and to meet all of your needs I really appreciate that because some banks are almost like stores and it’s not that warm courteous reception the way I get at your crefit union. Keep up the great work, thank you

- Emily M
Membership has its privileges!

I have been a member of DCU for 26 years now, and have always appreciated the day-to-day niceties of membership. However, on 8/24/19, I had a major issue, and it was all handled within hours...on a Saturday! I discovered that my debit card had been skimmed, and one fraudulent purchase had already gone through with two more awaiting approval. I am already so broke I can't afford to pay attention, so I was sick to my stomach at losing my hard-earned money. My heart pounding, I called to cancel my card at 840am. When DCU opened at 9am, I called to find out my next move. Kristin E in Card Services was excellent! She completed the cancellation of my card, instructed me on what to do next, educated me on where this might have happened and how to prevent it in future, assured me that DCU would make things right, and lent an incredibly kind and sympathetic ear. When I arrived at DCU Naperville that morning, teller Maddie already knew about my situation, cut up my current card, and handed me a freshly printed debit card. She also noted that it was odd to see me at DCU without my dogs in the drive-thru, which told me that DCU really does pay attention to the members! (In fact, the next time I came through with my dogs, she was there at the window to say hello to them! This personal touch means so much more than you could ever know...) Next, Assistant Branch Manager and Notary D'Andrea K met with me, helped me with the paperwork, helped me activate my new card (and another new card because the new system gave me some concern), and reassured me that everything would be okay. She even contacted Lisa at Card Services on Bond Street to assure me that the new card system was legit. I left DCU Naperville that Saturday morning feeling cared for and appreciated as a member! By dinner time, I had checked my account to see that my funds had been replaced and that the entire situation was resolved...again, I say, on a Saturday!
DCU, you are my longest term-relationship as an adult, and I am proud to be a member! Thank you so much for taking care of me!

- Margarite O
So glad we're members!

I'm so glad my employer is partnered with DuPage Credit Union otherwise I might have never joined. We have had a savings account, auto loans, credit cards and now a mortgage through DuPage Credit Union. I never mind calling or visiting a branch. Their employees are knowledgeable, friendly and easy to do business with. They have helped us get out of debt through their partnership with Greenpath Financial Wellness. I know I'm taken care of at all times!

- Jamie F
great credit union

I'm enjoying the credit union!

- Cornelius P
Checking Account is Wonderful

I've had my checking and savings account here for almost 10 years. I've kept it for so long because I love the ease of use and no minimum balances. I've also moved around a lot within the last few years, but no matter where I've been, I can use the local credit union's shared branching so I haven't had to change account at all

- Kaelyn

I've had an account here since I was in high school. It's the best bank of any I have used!

- Mr. C
Review of Membership

Overall, membership with Dupage Credit Union has been beneficial and convenient.

- Rob D
Member for over ten years

I have been a member with DPCU for over ten years. Throughout that time I have been very satisfied with the customer service, different financial options, and ease of online use for all my accounts. Great Credit Union!

- Dave

I've been a member for a long time and always was treated fair. Easy to get loans and deposit money. Keep up the good work.

- Darryl H
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