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Membership is Easy at DPCU

Becoming a member at DPCU is the best money decision we've ever made. The staff makes the decision process super simple and the products they offer cannot be matched by other banks. We especially like the High Yield Savings Account which gives us great bang for our bucks. In addition to this product, just the DPCU website is a great product. The website makes our online banking a breeze with super easy transfers and great money management tools. DPCU is the bank of choice. Choose to become a member and you will have no regrets.

- Rebecca M
Great Customer Service

My parents have been members at DuPage for a very long time and suggested that I join when I was looking for a credit union. The attention to detail and incredible customer service makes them easily stand out from other credit unions.

- Lauren L
Inclusive membership

I've been a member for about 40 years, and all six of my kids had accounts from an early age. Tellers were always so positive when I brought them in to deposit money or make changes to accounts as they got older. It was the start of good economic sense!

- Cheryl H

I am so happy to be a part of a credit union. The warm and friendly staff make it a more trustworthy and rewarding overall experience.

- Ramona H

I am very happy that you all have a membership. It is very welcoming and makes customers feel their services are specialized just for them. The friendliness and warm staff makes for an overall trustworthy relationship with your financial institution.

- Ramona H
Amazing service

When my family moved here we were excited to find DuPage Credit Union. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Opening an account is very easy and we love how user friendly their app is. I can’t say enough good about our experience. Highly recommend them!

- Sara
Membership experience

I’ve had a great experience with the DuPage credit union.

- Rosie
Lifetime Member

I've been a member of Dupage Credit Union since I was 15 years old. The services and products offered are awesome! I've taken advantage of Mortgage loans, auto loans, refinance, and checking and savings accounts ~ all of which i've had a great experience with. I recommend!

- Shannon
Member for 30 years

I have been a member of Dupage Credit Union for over 30 years. I have always received honest, competent service. I have always recommended this credit union to all of my family.

- Patricia
Satisfied Customer for Decades!

I have been a member since I was in my 20's and have always been extremely satisfied with the service I receive and I LOVE the flexibility of multiple accounts within one account number. I am constantly adjusting my money easily and the Bill Pay feature is terrific. I love DCU!

- Gail B
Best bank I have ever used!

Dupage Credit Union is the BEST institution I have had a membership with. I have my checking and savings through them and I enjoy their services! I use their cashback checking and love the little boost in my account each month. I also appreciate no hidden fees or surprise charges from the institution. Credit unions are the way to go and Dupage Credit Union will be my bank for many years to come!

- Rebecca T

Love this place, I have been a member since 1986 & have moved 11 times & to multiple states but will never give up my accounts!

- Margaret M
Credit union services

I am very happy with all the services the DuPage Credit Union provides.

- Shirley P
They take care of me...

I have always had a good feeling working with DCU compared to past experiences with banks. They are friendly and I feel like I am working with friends and neighbors.

- Luke M
Membership, Balance Transfer, Auto Loan

I have never been so happy with my banking choice. It was a little sketchy at first. As a walk-in, I was told I needed to make an appointment. Never experienced that before. The appointment was hours later. Didn't like that I had to come back. But I did and it was well worth it. The atmosphere of the credit union is welcoming and calming. The staff is gracious and friendly. The offices are very professional looking (no cubicles). The accounts I chose to handle my banking business is satisfying. I love the option to choose an account with no fees attached. I especially love the ability to do a balance transfer with zero interest. My first time ever doing a BT. I'm happy with the service at this credit union.

- Yvette D

I've been extremely satisfied with every aspect of my membership. I've heard about the value of joining a credit unions l for years, and DCU has exceeded my expectations.

- Yohance M
Long Time Members

We have been members for almost 40 years (back when it was DSCU!). All of our banking has been done through them - every car loan, credit card, checking, savings, and now mortgage. The fraud protection for the debit/credit cards is unbelievable. I think they catch things before scammers finish their scamming thoughts! 🙂 The services the credit union provides are fantastic, but what makes them really stand out is the customer service. Any question we have ever had has always been answered thoroughly and promptly. We have always felt the staff has gone above and beyond for us. We couldn't be more pleased with DCU.

- Carol B
Costumer service

They are very nice and very professional. Always help me with anything I need.

- Blanca R

No bank, credit union, etc. can beat the customer service I get at DCU ! I can't count how many times I've had to call for support, especially with my online banking. I have ALWAYS received courteous, knowledgeable, and follow-through support with DCU customer service reps.

- Georgia H
Easy Online Access

I like knowing my money is somewhere I trust, and it's easy for me to manage. I regularly access my accounts online in order to transfer funds and check my balances and it couldn't be simpler.

- Stacia
Hadn't visted the DPCU in maybe 6 months

Haven't been to Downers Grove DPCU for maybe six months and had bunch banking tasks to get done. The ride on the tollways was full of summer fun thanks to construction, so when I arrived I wasn't my best self. The DPCU wasn't too busy and there was a welcoming vibe. Everybody, but me, was in the flow and getting their business matters done 1-2-3; I was looking for my prepared deposit slip and trying to keep my cool. When I was ready I got a great teller who took my deposit, let me know my balance and she helped me get the right forms for some other tasks. I was in and out in a short time with out any hassles and in a proper mind-set to get back on the road and get back home. Super Service as expected!

- Lance A
Who needs a traditional bank when there's DPCU!

Made the decision to become a member of DPCU back about two decades ago when traditional banks were charging fees to see a teller, charging fees for not maintaining minimum balances in checking and savings accounts. DPCU has been excellent to do business with.

- W W
Been with DCU for over a decade!

I've been with DCU for over 10 years. Everyone is always friendly and helpful....always a positive experience.

- Lauren

Convenient and many services

- Mary T
Customer Service

I love the DuPage Credit Union and I have been a member for about 30 years. My interactions with the employees are typically wonderful. I even consider some of them my friends. One area that could use improvement is communication. I spent four months making monthly, if not more often, trips to the credit union office in Downers Grove to get my cash back checking activated and each time I went, there was another requirement I wasn’t fulfilling. They could have told me everything the first time around. The lack of communication cost me at least $40. Still, I wouldn’t bank anywhere else.

- Mary B
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