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Salesperson explaining the contract to his potential buyers.

With the 2017 models beginning to debut at local dealerships, now might be the most advantageous time to buy a 2016 vehicle; since dealers need to make room for their 2017 inventory. Below are a few tips on how to maximize your vehicle purchasing power:

Start shopping now while 2016’s are still available in a variety of colors, packages and models. And manufacturers like Subaru, Toyota and Audi are already promoting their end of the season sales.

Let the sales representative know up front that you’re ready to purchase a vehicle if the price is right. Dealers want to get rid of old models that have lost their appeal as manufacturers begin to market and ship the 2017 models. By knowing you are in the market NOW, you might score special discounts and rebates on a 2016 and avoid the sales pitch on newer models.

Do a little research – it could save you money now and down the road. Check online at sites like and Consumer Reports to see what’s new with the 2017 models – technology, safety features or design – if it’s something you really must have or a major redesign, buy the 2017, otherwise save money and begin negotiating your price. And it never hurts to check one last time on your smartphone, even if you’re sitting in the dealership, to see if you can get a better price elsewhere.

Be ready to walk and go the distance – you may find a better deal on the vehicle of your choice at a dealer an hour away. For instance, a Credit Union Member saved over $3,000 last year on the same exact car – color, options, everything- by purchasing his vehicle at a dealer in the south suburbs over one just a few miles from his home.

Have other tips or suggestions on how to get the best deal on a 2016 model? Share them below!



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