Limited-Time Credit Card Balance Transfer Offer

Now through 1/31/19, take advantage of our special, low-rate credit card balance transfer offer: 4.99% APR for 15 months with no balance transfer fee.

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¹.4158% Monthly Periodic Rate on balance transfers. This rate will be extended 15 months, thereafter, any unpaid balances will be at the standard purchase rate. Any additional balance transfers, outside of the promotional APR, will be charged the standard variable APR. Interest will begin to accrue the date the balance transfer(s) or convenience check(s) posts to your account. Limited-Time Balance Transfer Offer effective 11/1/18-1/31/19. Balances transferred from an existing DuPage Credit Union Visa® Credit Card do not qualify for this offer. Platinum Rewards and Platinum Advantage cardholders opened between 11/1/17-1/31/19 are not eligible for this offer; due to current introductory offer. Some restrictions may apply. Terms and conditions apply. Current DuPage Credit Card must be paid up to date and not delinquent. Must be a Member in good standing. ²Average time frame according to as of 10/23/18. ³Average according to as of 11/9/2017.