Motorcycle Loans

Thinking about buying a motorcycle – what’s stopping you? We offer motorcycle loans with flexible terms so you can stop dreaming and start riding. If you are currently financing your bike at a higher interest rate, we can also refinance it for you.

Motorcycle Financing

A motorcycle can be expensive enough – make sure your motorcycle loan isn’t. Before shopping for your dream bike, we encourage you to start the pre-approval process for your motorcycle loan first to lock in your rate for 30 days. Getting approved for a motorcycle loan will give you the time to focus on finding the right bike that meets your budget. Use our free loan payment calculator so there will be no surprises on what your monthly payment will be.

Apply online, give us a call at 800-323-2611, or stop by one of our Branch Office locations to apply for your motorcycle loan in Downers Grove, Naperville or Wheaton.

Motorcycle Loan Benefits