Checking Account Overdraft Protection

Checking Account Overdraft Protection

Feel secure knowing you are covered should an accidental overdraft occur by establishing an overdraft line of credit and/or a savings account transfer source(s).

Express Credit Line – Line of Credit

The Express Credit Line offers you peace of mind since it is an automatic overdraft protection source for your Checking Account. It can also be advanced on as a source for additional funds when needed. Benefit from no annual fee and there is no obligation to advance.

How Does the Express Credit Line Work?

Easily view, advance and make payments through Online Banking.

  • No interest charged if you pay the balance off the same day the advance was made¹
  • Interest is only pennies a day if you pay the balance off promptly²

Request Express Credit Line Overdraft Source

If you would like an Express Credit Line as your overdraft source to your checking account, simply submit your request online or call us at 800-323-2611.

Savings Account Transfer Source

Establish a savings account(s) as your transfer source to your Checking Account to protect you in the event of an overdraft. With a linked savings account, you’re allowed unlimited free transfers on transfer amounts under $5. If the transfer amount is $5 or more, you’re allowed three free transfers per month after which you’ll be charged a daily fee.

Request Savings Account(s) Overdraft Source

If you would like to arrange to have a saving(s) account as your overdraft source to your checking account, please call us during regular business hours at 800-323-2611 or email us at