Credit Builder Loan

Credit Builder Loan

Whether you’re trying to establish credit or improve your credit rating – the Credit Builder Loan may be the solution, while providing a secure place for you to save for the future.

How It Works

Our Team is inspired to help you build your credit and at the same time help you save. Different than a traditional loan, the loan funds will be deposited into a dividend-earning Secured Savings account. Then as you repay the loan, your timely monthly payments will be reported to the credit bureau helping you to establish a positive credit history. At the end of the loan, the funds that were deposited into the Secured Savings account are yours to spend or save.

Learn More About the Effects of a Positive Credit History.

Credit Builder Loan Details:

  • 9.99% APR1 fixed rate
  • Loan amounts of $500-$2,500
  • Flexible terms – 6 to 24 months
  • Credit score not required

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