Express Credit Line

Express Credit Line

The Express Credit Line is a revolving line of credit that gives you immediate access to extra cash when you need it. Plus, it offers additional peace of mind since it serves as an overdraft protection source for your Checking Account.

How Does the Express Credit Line Work?

  • In the event of an overdraft on your Checking Account, the Express Credit Line will automatically advance in increments of $100 to cover the overdraft item
  • Advance on your line of credit through Online & Mobile Banking or Automated Phone Banking
  • Make your loan payments through Online & Mobile Banking

Flexible Payment Options

  • No interest charged if you pay the balance off the same day the advance was made¹
  • Interest is only pennies a day if you pay the balance off promptly²
  • Option to make a payment by the due date and monthly thereafter
  • And if you never advance on the Express Credit Line, there is no finance charge