Apple Pay

Apple Pay®

Use your Apple device to make purchases at over 220,000 stores and counting. With Apple Pay®, you get the security of knowing your DuPage Credit Union credit and debit card information is safe and the simplicity of having it all in one place.

How it works

When you purchase something through Apple Pay, your card information isn’t submitted with your payment. Instead, Apple Pay encrypts your card information and creates a unique account number that’s transmitted along with your purchase. This helps keep your personal information secure.

How to set up Apple Pay

On your Apple compatible device:

  1. Go to your Wallet
  2. Tap “+”
  3. Scan your DuPage Credit Union credit or debit card
  4. Follow your bank instructions
  5. Then start shopping!

Once you’ve added your DuPage Credit Union credit or debit card, simply swipe your device over the payment terminal to pay for your purchase.

Need more information?

Check out Apple’s website for step-by-step instructions on how to set up, manage or remove cards with Apple Pay on your Apple device.

Set Up Apple Pay

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