Google PayTM

Google PayTM is the fast, safe and easy way for Android users to pay with their DuPage Credit Union credit and debit cards.

How it works

Google Pay uses a process called tokenization to keep your transactions secure. Rather than sharing your card number when you make a purchase, Google Pay creates a “token”—a unique account number. The token is transmitted along with the payment rather than your card information—making it a safer way to pay.

How to set up Google Pay

If you have an Android phone:

  1. Download Google Pay
  2. Take a picture of your DuPage Credit Union credit or debit card
  3. Get to shopping!

Once your DuPage Credit Union credit or debit card has been added, simply hover your phone over the payment terminal and let your phone do its magic.

Need more information?

Check out Google’s website for step-by-step instructions on how to set up, manage or remove cards with Google Pay on your Samsung or Android device.

Download Google Pay