Compare and Save Money With Our Low Down Payment Mortgage

Credit Union 3% Down

FHA 3.5% Down1

Purchase Price



Down Payment



Upfront MI2



Loan Amount



Principal/ Interest

$926.19 (Based on a 4.0% rate)

$917.27 (Based on a 3.8% rate)

Monthly MI2

$133.00 until 80% LTV

$217.00 for life of loan

Low Down Payment Mortgage Advantages

Life of loan

  • 0
  • 15
  • 30
Home Equity

FHA Loan

With an FHA Loan, you’ll keep paying MI throughout the life of your loan, which adds up quickly.

Home Equity

Low Down Payment Mortgage

With our Low Down Payment Mortgage once you have 22% equity in your home, Mortgage Insurance (MI) automatically goes away – poof!

With the Credit Union’s 3% Down Receive a Huge Savings Over the life of the loan!

  • $75
    From day one, your monthly savings will be approximately $75 per month.
  • $200
    Monthly savings after you have reached 22% equity in your home and MI goes away, save: approximately $200 per month.
  • $14k
    Savings over the first 9 years: $14,000.
  • $60k
    Savings over the life of the loan: more than $60,000.

That’s a whole lot of cash! Just think of all of the things you can do with it – travel, reduce debt, save for an education or even for retirement.

Even More Reasons To Finance Your Home With Us

We’re proud to be different from other lenders; something you’ll notice from the time you apply until your home is paid off - No Pressure. No Obligation. We mean it and have for nearly 60 years.

Plus, you’ll also enjoy these awesome benefits when you finance with DuPage Credit Union:

A low $295 application fee – and no need to pay this until you have a contract on a house
We promise we will try our hardest to attend your mortgage closing.
Make your first to your last payment to the Credit Union.
A friendly, non-commissioned Team right here in the western suburbs to answer all of your questions.
Receive a rebate at closing when you buy or sell a home with one of our Residential Rebate Program agents.
Get a $500 credit if we don't meet your original closing date with our Mortgage Care-N-Tee3.
And a whole lot more!

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