Steps to Selling a Home

Whether you are selling your home due to up-sizing a home, retiring to a warmer climate or moving across town you can save money when you sell your home through the Credit Union’s Preferred Realtor Network.

Step 1: Find Out What Your Home is Worth

Home values fluctuate especially in today’s market. Be prepared before speaking to a professional real estate agent by doing online research to find out what your home is worth. Online tools such as or local real estate agent listings will give you a better perspective on your home’s value.

Step 2: Find a Professional Real Estate Agent

Finding a reputable agent who is an expert in the area in which you are selling your home can be a challenge. DuPage Credit Union’s Preferred Realtor Network helps Members who are selling their homes by partnering home sellers and local agents. In addition to feeling secure knowing you are working with an agent hand-selected by the Credit Union, you will also receive a rebate for working with a participating real estate agent.

Step 3: Prepare Your Home for Sale

Ask your real estate agent first before making any major renovations or improvements to your home such as: replacing carpet, painting walls or purchasing new appliances. They will advise and help you stage your home for sale.