Visa® Travel Cards

Perfect for vacations, honeymoons or for parents who are seeking to add protection and control when sending their child on a trip, Visa Travel Cards are safer than carrying cash, easier to carry than travelers cheques and are a unique alternative to credit and debit cards.

Visa Travel Card

Visa Travel Card

Instant Issue

EMV Chip

Secondary Card

Up to 2 Secondary Cards

Load Options


Merchant Acceptance

Anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted

ATM Access

Online Access

Track your balance at


At any Branch Office.

Be sure to select "Credit" when making purchases

Purchase Fee


Secondary Card Fee


Monthly Fee

Waived the first 3 months and with any load

Retail Reload Fee


Inactive Fee


Expiration timeframe

Up to three years expiration

Lost/Stolen Replacement Fee


Maximum ATM Withdraw

3 times a day or $1,500

ATM Withdraw Fee

$1.99 domestic & international;
MoneyPass – free

Foreign Exchange

3% of transaction

Minimum Age to Purchase

16 Years
(Secondary Card - 13 Years)

How Do I Purchase a Visa Travel Card?

To purchase a Visa Travel Card, stop by any Branch Office or call us at 800-323-2611. Once you receive your card, visit and select Create Profile to register your card(s) or call the 800 number on the back of your card.