Visa International Transaction Fee

No International Transaction Fee When Traveling Abroad

Whether you’re buying souvenirs in London, dining with business partners in Tokyo or stocking-up on sunscreen in the Caribbean, relax knowing that when you use your DuPage Credit Union Visa® Credit Card, you will not pay any International Transaction Fees.

Visa International Transaction Fee – WAIVED

When traveling outside of the United States, Visa charges a 1% International Transaction Fee for converting foreign transactions into US dollars. Other institutions often inflate this fee to up to 4%. Enjoy knowing with a DuPage Credit Union Visa, we waive the fee as a benefit to our Members. So you pay nothing in International Transaction Fees – saving you money.

Traveling Internationally in the Near Future?

If you’re planning on traveling outside your state, please submit a Travel Notification so that the Credit Union can update your account(s). By doing so, the fraud monitoring service will not place a block on your card(s) when making purchases out of your area or ordinary spending habits.

Need a Visa Credit Card?

Our Visa Credit Cards offer a variety of benefits. Check them out today to find the one that’s right for you! Learn more about Visa Credit.