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Spring sports season is here. And with it comes the joys of winning, lessons in losing and the ever-increasing cost to compete. It’s easy to calculate why the cost of youth sports is on the rise – with fees, equipment, lessons and travel – it all adds up quickly. If you’re looking to save a few bucks while providing life lessons on the playing field, check out these 4 winning tips for youth sports savings this season:

Youth Sports - Five little boys put their arms around each other before their baseball game.

Youth Sports Savings Tip #1:

Take advantage of Early Bird Specials when registering. Many park districts and leagues offer discounts of up to 10% for getting a head start on the season.

Also keep an eye out for membership discounts, such as Youth on Course. For an annual fee of $20, kids 6 to 18 can play local golf courses like Village Links of Glen Ellyn, White Pines, Orchard Valley and over two dozen more in the Chicagoland, for $5 or less a round.

Youth Sports - Adolescent boy golfer hitting out of a sand bunker.

Youth Sports Savings Tip #2:

Save money by purchasing used equipment online, at resale stores or even at a neighbor’s garage sale.

Better yet, rent; especially if your child is new to a sport.

Youth Sports - A girls softball team in the dugout with their coach.

Youth Sports Savings Tip #3:

Skip expensive clothing and accessories like batting gloves, divot tools, lacrosse bags, high-tech water bottles and such – especially for younger athletes. More than likely they’ll out grow them or the sport by next season.

Youth Sports- Young boy playing tennis in a hoodie.

Youth Sports Savings Tip #4:

Is a summer sports road trip in your future? Traveling with the team can add up quickly with hotels, meals and fuel costs – not to mention tournament fees. Begin your savings at home by signing up for hotel loyalty programs. Along with instant cash savings, you may qualify for added perks like free Wi-Fi, discounted parking and free nights down the road.

If you can swing it, splurge for a room with a refrigerator and microwave. You’ll more than make up the difference by bringing healthy snacks, sandwiches and instant breakfast items from home. And don’t forget to pack coffee and beverages for the adults.

Youth Sports - Multi-ethnic family unpacking their SUV at a hotel on a traveling sports trip.

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Do you have any tips on how to save money on youth sports? If so, please share:

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