Get relief from vehicle, personal loan, and credit card payments.

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Skip-A-Pay Requirements

We understand that unexpected expenses can add up. That's why we invite you to skip a payment on your DuPage Credit Union Visa® credit card, vehicle loan, and/or your personal loan1skip to disclosure up to two times each per calendar year!

  • Loan must be opened for 180 days and have 6 payments made in order to be eligible
  • Request must be submitted 5 days before due date
  • Maximum 2 skips per loan per calendar year and 6 times throughout the life of the loan
  • You cannot skip 2 consecutive payments on the same loan
  • 84 month loan terms, Personal Line of Credit and Lease Alternative loans are not eligible
  • The $30 processing fee per skip must be on deposit at time of request

Get help with Skip-A-Pay.

With a deferral, your vehicle contract will be extended by the number of months your payment was deferred. After the deferral period ends, you will resume making your regularly-scheduled payments. For credit cards, your due date will be extended and interest will accrue.

If you’re financing your vehicle or personal loan, finance charges will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance at the contract rate, and by deferring one or more payments, you’ll pay more finance charges. The deferral won’t extend the duration of GAP, maintenance, life, or disability insurance that may be included in your contract.

You can make as many payments as you’d like during your Skip-A-Pay period.

Your online account will also reflect your next due date and amount due.

We’ll send you a confirmation email after your request has been processed.

No, your loan must be in good standing with the Credit Union. Contact us for options.

Deferring your payment shouldn’t have a negative impact to your credit score, but it’s important to note that for most consumers, payment history is only one of many items that impacts your score.

Yes, your due date will advance by one month due to your deferred payment.

No, we won’t charge additional late fees during your deferral period.

When you make your first regularly-scheduled payment after the deferral period, it will first be applied to satisfy any accrued finance charges and then to the outstanding balance. How long it will take to pay the finance charges accrued during the deferral period will depend on the amount and timing of any payments you make.

  • DuPage Credit Union’s Skip-A-Pay program permits members to defer a scheduled monthly payment on a vehicle loan, personal loan and/or credit card for a $30 fee per loan. Interest will continue to accrue as normal throughout the deferral period. To be eligible, you must meet and agree to the following criteria: 1) Your loan/credit card must be open for 180 days and have 6 payments made. 2) The request must be submitted 5 days prior to the scheduled due date. 3) Members must be in good standing with DuPage Credit Union. 4) All loans and/or credit cards must be paid as agreed and current as of the date of this request. 5) Must have a Credit Union membership established and be in good standing with funds on deposit for the Skip-A-Pay fee. Skip-A-Pay is not available for consecutive months. Members can participate in the Skip-A-Pay program a maximum of 2 times per calendar year and a maximum of 6 times throughout the life of the loan. Requests can be received by any borrower on the loan or credit card. DuPage Credit Union reserves the right to refuse any and all requests. If approved, one monthly payment will be deferred until the end of the loan, thereby extending the original term and amortization of the loan. All other terms and conditions as stated in the original loan and/or credit card agreement continue to remain in effect. Lease Alternative loans, Personal Line of Credit loans, and 84 month loan terms are not eligible for Skip-A-Pay. Other restrictions apply. Monthly premium for Payment Protection will still be added on the deferred month. The terms of coverage for any added insurance products to the loan may not be extended to the new maturity date. A deferred payment may impact GAP claims on vehicle loans.

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