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We are all familiar with the low fuel sign that illuminates in our car when it’s time to fill up again. We also know that raising gas prices aren’t going to stop any time soon. So, to help with the pain of filling up your gas tank, we have the best FREE apps for your IOS or Android that will help you when searching for the cheapest gas stations.

  1. Download GasBuddy. Search by city or zip code and find nearby gas stations letting you know the cheapest one.
  2. Download Waze. Perfect if you’re going on a road trip. Helps you find the cheapest gas prices along the way with voice instructions and traffic updates.
  3. Download MapQuest Gas Prices. Allows you to save your favorite gas stations and select your fuel grade, then directs you to the cheapest station in your area.
  4. Download Gas Guru. Also points you in the right direction for the gas station with the lowest prices. However, it also lets you find other stopping points such as restaurants, oil change stations and much more.

Whether you’re planning a road trip or tired of paying high prices at the pump, these apps will help you save a few extra bucks. Let us know where you’re traveling to next and how you plan on saving at the pump!

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