Travel Plans?

Please let the Credit Union know about any upcoming trips and we’ll update your record so the fraud monitoring service does not place a block on your Visa® Credit and/or Debit Card(s) when making purchases out of your area or ordinary spending habits.

  • Visa Credit Cardholders

    To submit a Traveling Out-of-State Form:

    1. Login to Online Banking.
    2. Select your Visa® Credit Card Account.
    3. Under the Account Services tab, click on the Travel Notification link.
    4. Enter the 3-digit CVV/CVC code from the back of your card, and select Continue.
    5. Provide your travel information—including departure and return dates, locations and phone number—and click Submit to continue.
    6. To complete your request, click Confirm. To make changes to your request, click Cancel.

    If you also carry a DuPage Credit Union Visa Debit Card, we will update that information upon receiving your Traveling-Out-of-State Form.

    Visa Transaction Alerts

    Before heading out of town, sign-up for free Visa Transaction Alerts in Online Banking to effortlessly track your Visa Credit Card purchases by receiving a text or email each time your credit card is used – notifying you when, where and how much was spent.

    Not an Online Banking User?

    Give us a call at 800-323-2611 and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • Visa Debit Cardholders
    Please contact us at 800-323-2611 and we’ll be happy to update your record with your upcoming trips.