Bring gamified financial education into your classroom with Zogo.

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Turn homework assignments into a game.

Backed by Duke University's latest behavior science research, Zogo packs over 300 bite-sized modules across 20 financial education topics. Whether it's opening a bank account or investing, Zogo walks your students through real-world scenarios to prepare them for financial freedom.

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This app is amazing

It covers such a broad range of topics you can pick from and learn at your own pace. Everything is done in small bursts so you don't get board or overwhelmed. Earning pineapples honestly just makes me laugh as I look a bit silly shouting I got more pineapples!
- Katie

Fits in your curriculum—and in their pocket.

Using the web-based portal, simply assign one of the 20 categories and let students work through the modules. Track their progress, enable leaderboards, and more. Coming soon: Customizable modules that let you add your own questions!

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With over 200,000 downloads, Zogo is one of the fastest-growing apps for teens and young adults.

Bring gamified financial education into your classroom. It's easy and it's free.

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